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I am Abi Fox and it’s my soul’s purpose to help you inject magic into your life. No more self doubt, people pleasing or settling for less than you deserve. You are meant for more and I am here to help you remember that WHO YOU ARE MATTERS. 

I believe in a world where authenticity & conscious connection is our natural state of being without the self doubt and fears attached to showing who we really are. Self love transcends all fears and connects you to the unlimited power you have within to shine your light on the world and in doing so you ‘Love Your Power Within.’


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How To Deal With Anxiety

Anxiety is plaguing society at the moment. It’s something I see in so many people. When I was at university, I had a phase of really strong anxiety, depression ...

9 Signs You’re A Perfectionist & What To Do About It

I’ve used the label of perfectionist to describe me for years, especially as it’s a character trait associated with Virgos. “Virgos are notorious perfectionists who figure that if they’re ...


Undo The Spells You've Unknowingly Been Casting On Yourself For Years