5 Tips if travelling with a nut allergy

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Hello lovely readers,

When we arrived in Koh Samui, it was following was after taking an  overnight train from Bangkok to Surat Thani which took 10 hours, then we had to get a boat to the island. It wasn’t the best sleep I’ve ever had, being on a little bunk bed on a vusyThailamd train, but it’s all part of the travelling experience; it was good fun and something I’ve never done before. Plus there was fairly decent food on the train too, rice noodles with chicken, stir fried veg and a soup, all for 120 Baht, £2!

The boat ride was one of the most uncomfortable hours I’ve had in a long time, I felt so sea sick. Revitalise Tip: Don’t sit at the front of the boat downstairs if you get sea sick, stand at the top in fresh air. Thank god that was over so we could eat.
We dropped our backpacks in our room as soon as we got to the hotel, which was a workout in itself getting up there. It was high up, so the calves and thighs were woken up for sure and our appetitive certainly increased.

Ordering food however was not as easy as we hoped at this place. Mogli has a severe peanut allergy. Well, all nuts really but peanuts are the worst. A lot of Thai food has been known to include peanuts so we have to make sure nothing we order has nuts in, or cooked in nut oil! The only person that spoke good English had left, so the waiters didn’t understand us when we asked for no nuts, they just smiled and nodded. We couldn’t risk Mogli eating anything with nuts in, so we were waiting ages until the waiter came back with a mobile phone. They had to call somebody who spoke English so we could explain.

The street food stalls were all very accommodating too, so do not feel like you always have to eat in the larger  restaurants to be safe from nuts.

Revitalise Tips.

1. Have it written down on a piece of paper in the local language.

2. Always have an Epi-pen with you at all times.

3. Download google translate so you can play “I have a severe nut allergy” in the local language. (You could also ask a local who speaks good Engish to record it as a voice memo.)

4. Be over-dramatic when ordering your food. Act as if it will kill you if you have nuts. Of course, laugh about it too, but ensure you get the message across.

5. If you’re not sure, it’s just not worth it for that one meal, for that one little treat.

His nut allergy is such a shame really because I cook a lot of vegan and raw food at home, which predominantly uses nuts! They are an awesome source of protein and good fat as they are high in omegas, which are important to have in your diet, particularly as a vegetarian. I’m starting to experiment without nuts in raw desserts so I can share them with Mogli. Pumpkin seeds are the best replacement so far for the majority of dishes, but contact me here or on facebook to ask further questions on this.Until next time…

Muchos love


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