Personal power

is not about what you do, it's about how you live within yourself

About Me

Hi beautiful soul.  My name is Abi and I want to be real with you.

For years outwardly I portrayed a strong, confident and power hungry woman, but the deeper problem was that I had no love for myself and all my relationships reflected that. I also never dreamed big, I never thought of myself as a somebody capable of achieving great things and honestly, I never really knew who I was.

After suffering in the financial crisis a few years ago and having our family home forfeited, it led me to do some serious soul searching. I questioned everything about who I was and the life I was living, and I began dreaming about my future for the first time in a long time.

Sine then it’s been a powerful and transformational journey for me.

The Journey

After years of unfulfilling, insecure, boring relationships, my belief in true love was lost. I just longed to love and be loved. My soul craved it all of my life, but I had to change and look within if I were to ever feel the love I wanted.  

When I began a business in network marketing, I was around people that I felt great around. It was a business that gave me support, motivation and recognition. It gave me the belief that I could create a business of my own, something I never even thought I would do! And it led me down a path of personal and spiritual growth. As a result, I was fortunate enough to meet my mentor Dr Ro, who held 4 life-changing & transformational weekends. My work with him enabled me to discover a part of my real authenticity and purpose. 

I realised that I was worth something. I always had a deep knowing that I was destined for more, but was always searching for what that was. I never felt fulfilled, because I hadn’t tapped into the two big questions… Who am I and why am I here?!

Every day since then, I have devoted myself to spreading my message of believing in your own worth, showing up powerfully in your relationships & unleashing your fullest potential. I began adding value (even when I didn’t really believe I had value) to men & women who wanted to believe in themselves and make a real difference in this world. 


I have since met my true love Mogli who is everything I ever dreamed I would marry. He is my soul mate, my best friend and the most beautiful human being in this universe. He sees straight into my soul and our relationship is magical! It’s not been without its struggles though, but we both have an unwavering trust in each other and in our love transcending any challenges we may face. 

I allowed myself to be open and vulnerable and in that vulnerability I attracted what I always wanted. TRUE LOVE. True love is possible if you believe it to be.

It is possible when you let go of past heartbreak and open your heart, mind & soul to love. First for yourself, and then willing to give and receive love. Allowing someone to really see you naked, i.e. a completely open heart, is for me the ultimate act of human courage.

What Now

I believe anyone can transform their life no matter their current circumstances. My life now is unrecognisable from where it was just 3 short years ago. From partying all night long, with no passions or value to add, or any real dreams to now living in Ibiza with the love of my life, creating magic in people’s lives through my passion of coaching and mentoring.

I am also living in my joy with other areas of my life, by organising large events such as Healing Ibiza, as well as living my passion for healthy food cooking for private yoga retreats on the island. When we live in our joy, we open ourselves to endless opportunities!

I now live a lifestyle of adventure and freedom, one that I never even dreamed possible. It is my deepest mission to help you shift out of what you once thought possible, BELIEVE wholeheartedly in your true worth & unleash your full potential. When you believe in your worth, you’ll no longer settle for anything less than you deserve! 

We all have a unique power within each of us. A power that makes us infinite in our ability to LOVE, LEAD & CONTRIBUTE in a much more meaningful way. It comes from a decision and commitment to live your best life possible.

All it takes is a commitment to be your best self, let go of what no longer serves you no matter how hard that is, and be open to love so you can shine your authentic light on the world.

Mentorship Programme

Love Alchemy

Everything in your life is a result of the love you have for yourself. It’s time to COMMIT to yourself and realise you can show up powerfully as a strong, passionate, fulfilled being… with deeply connected relationships and a clear sense of purpose!

This day is YOURS! Only you can change it by re-evaluating what you want and where you want to be!

When results take longer to get than we expected, when we feel we ‘should’ be further along than we are or we are lacking in something, it’s as though we’re going backwards instead of forwards. I’ve struggled with this myself, but I’ve learned that  these moments are like a slingshot pulling us farther and farther back, before propelling us forward into deeper love, freedom and joy.

It all comes back to LOVE. Love for yourself, love in your relationships & love for what you do. 

LOVE ALCHEMY is about creating rapid and life changing transformation by connecting to your authentic power & life purpose. I have created this process as a result of the journey of transformation I have been on myself and what I;ve taken clients on. Everyone would ask me how have you changed your life so rapidly? What did you do? And so, this evolved into a programme to get to the core of who you are, what you truly want & making it all happen!

What If You Could...

When you work with me on my mentorship programme, we will create rapid and life changing transformation, so that you can show up powerfully in all of your relationships and unleash your full potential!

You can learn more about my Love Alchemy programme here.

Let's Connect Further

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