Cambodian Life: How To Be Healthy When Away From Home

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Hello lovely readers,

Next stop Cambodia. This was quite a mission from Pai! We hadn’t planned our exact route, so it left us with a fairly brutal experience. A 3 hour bus journey back down the bumpy mountainous road, a flight from Chiang Mai to Bangkok, then a few hours attempted sleep on airport chairs followed by an excruciating train journey to the Cambodian border that cost £1. Never have I EVER been so appreciative of the transport system we have in the UK. This was the train the locals got, we were two of a handful of westerners on the train. There was a reason for this!

It was 7 hours on a wooden bench, not too dissimilar from those you see in parks. No cushions, nowhere to rest your head, no proper toilet (just the squatting ones, impossible for me with the injury I had), no washing facility and dust coming in from the road like I’ve never seen. (Have you seen Interstellar? The dust was a bit like that!) Add on top of that a leg injury, very little sleep and then eating a dodgy plate of rice on the train leaving me with griping stomach pains and feeling sick for the remainder of the day. 

Unfortunately the rest of my evening was being sick, recovering from an upset stomach and catching up on sleep, but the next day I felt more like myself again. The start to Cambodia was improved by a relaxing day at our pool, we were most certainly flash packing, not back packing! Relaxation was needed before we visited the ancient temples of Angkor Wat which would involve a lot of walking. My stomach was anything but relaxed after the ordeal yesterday, so anything Asian was off the menu for me. I felt very delicate and found myself craving wheat based food. A sign that wheat is the last food I should be eating. If you crave certain foods, it’s likely it’s the very food you should be avoiding. 

I was more annoyed at myself for not bringing my supplements with me. As it was my first time travelling, I wanted to embrace it fully and let go of my routine, be more flexible and embrace the culture I was in. I would recommend this is the right thing to do in aspects such as switching off technology, reducing workload, fast food (which should be let go of anyway.) Not however when it comes to your diet and health habits, as I felt this had detrimental effects to my mindset and emotional state.

If you have a routine at home such as protein smoothies and it makes you feel good, don’t lose it just because you’re away travelling, or even away from home for a few days with work. Take the ingredients with you even if it takes up room in your case. Feeling good when travelling is a necessity and good moods are incredibly affected by your diet and supplements. Aside from the obvious of eating fresh food such as green veg, hearty salads and drinking lots of water, there are a few things you can do to stay feeling fresh when you’re away from home:

Travel Tips:

1. Take Probiotics
To grow fantastic vegetables  you need a healthy garden, and a healthy garden needs healthy soil. 
To have fantastic health, you need a healthy gut, and a healthy gut needs healthy bacteria.75% of our immune system is in our gut, so if our gut isn’t happy, then you can guess that you won’t be too. Taking pro-biotic or digestive enzymes helps to calm the gut flora and act as a barrier to what can get in and out.  

2. Take omega 3 supplements
Omega 3 is a good mood fat. We need fats to enable our brains to function effectively. The more Omega 3, the quicker we produce the strong natural anti-depressant brain chemical Dopamine. This creates more mental alertness, focus and excitement.

3. Take a good Multi Vitamin
Much of the food we eat is devoid of any nutrition as it is laced with pesticides and chemicals that have a hugely detrimentally affect to our bodies. Guarantee your vitamin and mineral intake by taking a good multi-vitamin.

4. Cut down on gluten.
It is an energy stealer! It attacks our intestines and actually correlates to 190 auto-immune diseases. It inhibits absorption of nutrients into your body. So even if you eat lot of organic veggies and take multi-vitamins, you may not be absorbing their goodness.

5. Meditation.
Meditation reduces stress as it clears your mind and you become in control of your thoughts and emotions. Stress has a huge impact on our mind and body, it affects our body chemistry and how we break down food. So if you can switch off your thoughts and take yourself to a calm and serene place where you can master your response to situations, then this is sure to promote a healthier and happier life!

6. Yoga or light exercise.
We all hear it all the time, but yes exercise is a must to keep yourself happy and healthy. It doesn’t have to be high intensity workouts or heavy weights to call it exercise. If you’re not an exercise bunny, then start by trying 15 minutes of light yoga in the morning. Your lymph system needs you to help detoxify the waste it’s carrying, and exercise is the way to help it along!

If you can introduce and stick to these 6 Revitalising Tips, then you will improve your emotional state, enjoy faster recovery from illness, remain clear-headed and focused and be free to make the most of wherever you are. Your health will be taken care of with effortless ease so you can focus on fun, adventure and enjoyment!

Much love until next time

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