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Can I Take You Home With Me?

This is the most common sentence I hear on every retreat I cook on! Every guest wants to take me home. Not just because of my vibrant personality haha, but because I am a whizz in the kitchen. Don’t we all love someone to cook for us!

I LOVE to cook for you, however my intention is also to EMPOWER you.

Empower you to recreate some of the magic you may have tasted from me and adapt it to YOUR tastebuds and lifestyle. 

To inspire you to WANT to cook for yourself.

To educate you on vegan, vegetarian & gluten free food.

To realise the PLEASURE you can get from healthy, nourishing plant based food.

So that you can feel confident to get more creative with your food and make healthier choices throughout your life.


with your own cooking


to make positive change in your health habits


to get more creative in the kitchen

If I can, YOU can.

Learn more about the transformational


Abi will spend time with you to overhaul your health and the choices you make! Bring Abi right to your own home to style out you and your kitchen with everything you need to know about plant based cooking.

The weekend includes:

Full Kitchen Cleanse

Plant Based Food Education, Teachings & Secrets

In Depth Cooking Lessons, Shopping Trips & Recipe Ideas

1:1 Health Coaching & Wellness Support

Self Love & Confidence Training

Create sustainable and enjoyable health habits

Be more in control of the food you CHOOSE to eat.







I'm proud of these transformations

Read What They Say

Megan Taylor, Property Investor, Business Owner, Mum of 4. 

Abi is incredibly passionate about her work, it is her life’s purpose. She is unique. 

She lives an amazing life these days, in Ibiza with the love her life, so our sessions have been via video call. I have found our sessions inspirational, the fact that she is so authentically living her dream life fills you with hope and positivity about the future. 

Working with Abi has felt a bit like going off to India on a retreat for some months, as she herself has done, but without having to leave all the responsibilities you have here.  This programme, will give you a chance to really look in to the deepest part of yourself and what you want from life, who and what is most important. The process Abi has developed will empower you to do just that. 

For me, personally, my experience has been that I have been able to really begin to trust my instincts again, to listen to the best part of me, to find my positive inner voice & work from my heart, rather than being stuck in my head. I genuinely feel empowered, strong and excited about the future.

This is the kind of investment in your own personal development that I believe will pay dividends in your health, happiness and success for years to come. 

Hannah Macfarlane, Cabin Crew for Emirates. 

I am so grateful for the time Abi spent with me. It was honestly so uplifting and gave me so much clarity in life. Abi is one of those people who can change your life around in a matter of minutes. She is definitely worth the investment.

Louise Wilson, Head of IHG Events in Europe.

I had found myself in a really dark place, even though on paper I had everything I had ever wanted, I didn’t feel happy. I lacked confidence and had really low self esteem, which meant I just couldn’t see the incredible life and relationships I had around me. I was miserable and felt like a failure all the time.

Abi helped me work through the negativity I was feeling and showed me how to connect with, and listen to, myself. I started to become more in tune with what real happiness was and learnt how to refocus my energy on what really mattered. I began to feel more fulfilled within a matter of weeks from Abi showing me how to value who I am.

She created an environment where I felt I could be honest and vulnerable and never judged, and in doing so, helped me get to the root of my problems and make real progress in not letting them consume me anymore.

I now feel comfortable in myself and able to deal with difficult situations. My relationships and marriage are more successful, and I now feel happiness and gratitude every day.

Eat well even when you’re busy.

Feel inspired to cook something new.

Reclaim Control Of Your Health .

Learn To Make Yummy Food Like Me!

Love For The Chef

Let Me Be Honest With You

I spent so many years of my life never feeling good enough. So I got my sense of worth externally…

From over-working, craving recognition, desperate for business success, needing love, always being busy, always needing to learn and improve or having to be the best at something.

It was exhausting. I forced, I pushed, controlled & stressed myself to have everything, when I had it all inside me all along.

Yes we seek help along the way from people who’ve been there & felt it themselves, but this is only worth doing if you feel a true connection with that person. Unless you connect with what you have within first, you’ll constantly look to a coach or mentor to give you what’s missing.

Ask yourself what it is you truly want right now & go with your intuition on whether I can help you achieve that.

Will you keep resisting? (I did this toooo.)

Or will you allow yourself to connect to your own power to unlock the door to your most healthy & empowered self?

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