“Having cooked on hundreds of retreats in Ibiza, Mayla and Abi have been asked how to cook healthy food like they serve on retreats.

We believed it was time to offer a 5 day cooking course ALL ABOUT FOOD!

Healthy food does NOT need to be time consuming, expensive or complicated.

We intend to share our cooking secrets & tricks to show you that with a few simple ingredients

you can create tasty food for you and your friends & family. “


A 5 day course to learn the basics of vegetarian, vegan & gluten free cooking


Want To Improve Your Healthy Cooking?

Do you want to learn how to create healthy and tasty vegan, vegetarian & gluten free food?

Do you look for inspiration and confidence in the kitchen?

Are you curious about a conscious healthy lifestyle?

Do you want to discover more about nutrition?

Are you ready to make some healthy changes and go on a culinary adventure?


Over the last 8 years, Abi and Mayla have been living a conscious, healthy lifestyle and through their passion for good healthy food became chefs, sharing their joy of cooking with others.  Their experience over the past few years cooking on wellness retreats in Ibiza has shown them how much people want to learn their culinary skills and bring home a piece of their food magic to their own kitchen.

Learn the basics of a plant based lifestyle & how to cook healthy food even when you’re busy. Healthy food, predominantly plant based has SO MUCH variety, and it doesn’t need to be expensive, complicated or time consuming.

Stay in a traditional Ibiza finca, with simple living in the heart of the Ibiza countryside. This training is available for only 8 people willing to deep dive into their relationship with food and how to change your cooking to be full of nature’s varied & nourishing ingredients. Not just about food, but the energy that is created when we come together over the love of ourselves, food and sense of community.

The group will be intimate, we will have a maximum of 8 people to ensure you receive hands on teaching and get the most out of the experience.


Learn the basics of healthy cooking

Juices, Smoothies & Breakfast Ideas

Basic of Vegan soups, Sauces and Dressings

Vibrant Salads and Delicious Main Dishes 

Desserts and Cakes With No Refined Sugar

Preparing Gluten Free Pastries, Breads and Crackers  & Healthy Snack Ideas

How to use a variety of world flavours, herbs and spices


New Confidence in the Kitchen To Create Healthy Meals & Snacks

EASY , FAST, PRACTICAL recipes to make in your daily life

Excitement to get home and cook for yourself and your friends

Overcoming kitchen crisis & panic with new ideas & solutions

Booklet of the plant based kitchen, shopping lists and chef secrets to take away with you.

New connections with friends valuing the same lifestyle as you.


Daily Yoga & Meditation 

Talks & Workshops On Mindful Eating, Self Love Through Food & More

Learn About Wild Herbs & Edible Plants Growing In Ibiza

Tips & Tricks of the Plant Based Kitchen

Exploring The Countryside Of Ibiza

And above all having FUN in the kitchen!


Abi cake copy

Abi’s joy & passion for healthy food were the ingredients that paved the way to become a plant based chef on wellness retreats in Ibiza. Her real food journey began in 2013 when she was building herself back up from a big trauma in her life that left her self worth and health at rock bottom. With a desire to create a life for herself, she started learning about nutrition and realising the impact food has on our health, emotional state and energy levels.

She believes that food can heal us, connect us and open us up to so much possibility in our health. It’s not just about food, but the magic created in the kitchen and bringing people together over a love of good food & healthy, conscious lifestyle.

Mayla’s mission is to give a new experience with food to people. In workshops, private raw food coaching and preparing loving dishes for retreats. Organic, vegan live food gives energy and is so delicious and rich in taste.
The endless variations of vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, seaweed, superfoods, herbs and spices…. a journey of flavor sensations.

It will create more awareness what food does with the cells in the body and how detoxification rise up your positivity, trust, love and confidence to be a healthy, happy, shining Being.



Rustic cosy finca in the campo in the north of Ibiza

Romantic ibicenco kitchen 

Beautiful peaceful countryside

15 mins from Cala Nova Beach 

Sea view

PRICE: €1,200

Includes your 5 day cooking training by the retreats chefs, accommodation, food & you’ll also come away with a plant based cooking certificate at the end of the week!


As you won’t need accommodation, we can offer you 4 days training, which excludes the day off from cooking, for €800.

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