Mastering The Flow Of Life

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The less you focus on the end result, the quicker it will come - with one eye fixed on the destination, there is only one left to guide you along the journey.” - Robin Sharma.

This has been a life changing year in so many ways. Moving to Ibiza was the best decision I have ever made, but it also brought with it much uncertainty as to what the future holds. That’s something I actually find rather exciting but it was also meant leaving my hometown with so many memories, my loving family and wonderful friends, as well as the supposed ‘security’ and certainty.

It took courage, but ultimately the amount of courage you live with determines the amount of fulfilment that you receive.

As I embark on a new adventure of creating a new life with my true love Mogli, there have been many hurdles along the way. Most of which I put there myself, typical virgo!

My focus was to build a brand & coaching packages to inspire entpreneurs to achieve REAL FREEDOM and find TRUE LOVE.

(The type of love that is all-consuming, indescribable can’t live without each other love.) To unlock your personal mastery with the art of being oneself, connect wholeheartedly to others & to finally live authentically from the heart.

To do that I thought it meant:
– Working the entrepreneurs long days
– Sacrificing so much fun & adventure during my first year on the island to stay focused & on track.
– Sticking to a structure & routine.

I then worked with an awesome mentor to build a high tickets sales funnel to attract my dream client and received more & more help marketing my message to those who I know I can help elevate the quality of their lives.

Yes of course all of that is important but none of those can help you with the mental blocks we so often get when wanting to create content to deliver our message.

NOBODY else can get inside your head & do it for you!

All of the knowledge I had in my head and felt in my heart wasn’t translating into articles and videos, landing pages, Facebook ads or anything else I wanted it to. I would sit at my Mac for ages forcing the words out but it just never sounded ‘right.’

I was becoming frustrated. So my frustration turned into me feeling guilty if I wasn’t sitting behind my computer screen or doing something work-related. This led me to miss out on the beauty of what was right in front of me. I’d say no to fun things, or not let myself go as I would be thinking about what work I wanted to do.

My OWN limitations on what I deserved to do was restricting me living a life of real freedom. My own bloomin’ thoughts on what I could or couldn’t do left me struggling… just because I was focused on what I thought I should be doing.

What was I missing?

I do everything right. I get up early for my morning power hour or Morning Miracle as the well known booked is titled. I have an awesome mentor. I have transformed my life beyond recognition through mastering myself, my thoughts and my feelings. I am consistently learning in marketing, in video editing, in copywriting, in everything that I know I need to create a life changing message & business serving others.

WHY couldn’t I create these articles & feel confident in myself & my marketing?

Everyone else in the expert industry seemed to be flowing effortlessly and posting relevant content left, right and centre screen. Why couldn’t I?

But, you can NEVER compare what others are doing to you and your message.You NEVER know what is happening in the world of those highly elite & successful people you follow and are inspired by.

…You don’t see the daily stresses & struggles they go through to become who they are today.

As for me, I was forcing too much. When you’re frustrated, it’s usually because you’re expecting too much of yourself. Expectations on what your life should look like are exactly what’s creating the very frustration, stress and disappointment you feel regularly.

So what would happen if I set no expectations, only intentions?

My intention was to feel FREE. Not free in a financial sense or time sense, but PERSONALLY FREE & allow the words, the creativity and the message to flow authentically.

This made it far easier to feel as happy and as flowing as I intended to be.

So i relaxed more, I let go. I stopped resisting what is, and let it be. Something very difficult to do for me as letting go to me previously meant not making progress, another typical virgo thought!

When you LET GO of your expectations, when you ground yourself and let things happen NATURALLY you feel more alive to be able to unlock the infinite potential inside of you.

This potential is something most human beings restrict themselves in. So I continued down this path of not planning too much, allowing myself to relax more and see what magic I created.

I was feeling more relaxed without the guilt and frustration, but the magic still wasn’t happening. I was moving forwards, which is great, but slowly. Still I hadn’t mastered the art of intention over expectation.

But then, as though the universe was conspiring to help me achieve my destiny, something unthinkable happened. My beautiful little casita was robbed ransacked and turned upside down, creating a tidal wave of anger, sadness, fear, anxiety & insecurity.

But trusting in the universe, I knew there’d be huge opportunity from such a negative experience.

And voila! It did! I then gained zen-like focus, clarity & profound inspiration. I share this in this very series: From Trauma To Triumph: Life Lessons.

So when I stopped thinking & had to deal with a incredibly stressful & traumatic situation, I could see clearly for what felt like the first time in a while. My personal safety and security had been compromised so then the things I was worrying about no longer mattered. I stopped resisting, it felt as though there was nothing left to resist.


Embrace every part of your journey. Drop the over planning & over-analysing part of you. Trust that you’ll get there as a result of everything you’re experiencing NOW.

“The less you focus on the end result, the quicker it will come – with one eye fixed on the destination, there is only one left to guide you along the journey.” – Robin Sharma.

Much love
Abi Fox

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