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Bee Pollen Smoothie, Protein, Gluten Free,

Hey lovely readers, Boost your energy with Bee Pollen! So I first learned about Bee Pollen at a Health, Nutrition & Wellness course a couple of years ago. It’s a fabulous superfood for your smoothie, as well as to sprinkle on salads, desserts or just have with an avocado as a little snack. It is[…]

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Abi fox, revitalise, Thailand, Asian adventure,

Hi everyone, Today was our first full day in Bangkok. I am here with my boyfriend Mogli and his two friends from Ibiza, Aaron and Faye. I hadn’t met them yet, so looking forward to getting to know them more. We arrived at our hotel severely jet lagged yesterday, so spent the day relaxing, sleeping[…]

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caffeine, friend or foe, is coffee bad for me? how bad is coffee? cup of coffee, blog, advice about caffeine

How bad is caffeine for our health? Do we love the taste.?…Or do we rely on the caffeine boost? Many people swear they can’t get through the day without a coffee, or several, as people feel physically tired and mentally foggy without it. How can a reliance on this be healthy? It is a drug,[…]

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