In Your Best Self

As a society, we tend to ignore emotional pain. We even pretend it isn’t there, somehow believing that we have to have our shit together all of the time or we will be shamed for expressing ‘negative’ emotions. I’ve even been accused of getting emotional in a conversation that was stirring up sadness, but this[…]

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Food Alchemist Ibiza, Abi Fox, Retreat Chef, Plant-Based Chef

Coconut wasn’t the in thing when I was young. It’s only since becoming far more health conscious and have a greater nutrition knowledge that it’s become a staple food in my diet. As a little girl, I used to love baking. I remember standing on the kitchen chair so I was tall enough to reach[…]

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Meatiest Meatless Burger. Vegan, Gluten Free,

    Quite the statement to say this burger is meatiest and meatless. Many would say this is impossible, and I can agree at times! I’ve had so many meatless burgers as I was exploring vegan food and I always struggled to find anywhere that can deliver a burger full of flavour & substance. Whether[…]

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