In Your Best Self

Photo credit Anouk Meerings

SOULMATE. Does this phrase put too much pressure on your relationship? When I first met Mogli I KNEW this was the start of a very special relationship. We both felt it. Magic. Passion. Lust. Instant connection. Adventure. It was magical. It felt like we were floating in the clouds, the only two people in the world[…]

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Choosing to reflect deeply on our year is one of the most important practices I have brought into my life. We forget all the great things we have done, the awesome compliments we have received, the loving relationships we have forged and the journey we have been on. Our mind goes to the negative so[…]

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33 Best Lessons 2017 Taught Mr

I am sharing with you a super valuable message and real gems of insight. 2017 has been one of the biggest years of my life in terms of my own spiritual growth. I’ve learnt some really powerful lessons and been able to implement and integrate them into my life. The great thing about a new[…]

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