13 Essentials in How To Find Your Passion

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Hello lovely readers…

The hunt for the lost treasure…

We so often hear about those people who are living and breathing their passion, but what about if you’re one who hasn’t figured out what your passion is? How do you even find your passion? It’s the long awaited prize on the treasure hunt, see it as an adventure.

It can often appear that people just find it one day, like they find a penny or a note on the street, but it’s not as simple as that. You don’t just hate your job one day, and then find your passion the next. Wheels are only set in motion on this treasure hunt by doing little things behind the scenes, that nobody sees. These little things are the clues that create the opportunity for passion to present itself.

Some people’s passion is a hobby. Some people turn their passion into a job, others create a thriving business from it. Others never find their passion. A young guy once told me that he had no passions or interests & he did nothing out of work. So I assumed his work gave him so much joy he didn’t look elsewhere for it. No. He hated his job. So what does this say? He hated being at work, but he didn’t look for ways he could satisfy his fun & passionate side in his “ME” time. We ALL have something that excites us. This guy had just allowed himself to forget.

What’s the big deal about passion anyway? Well it’s the one thing that transformed my life, along with point number 3. When we are in our passion, nothing seems our of reach. We have boundless energy, a never-ending motivation and we look after ourselves more. We respect ourselves enough to eat nourishing foods, we strive for growth and self-improvement and every morning is a new adventure, exciting. Once you find the treasure, you realise you had it all along. It starts with you. Follow these steps to Revitalise Your Passion.

1. Dispel Limiting Beliefs

golden-fishs-in-a-bowl-and-one-fish-jumps-another-bowl-hd-wallpapers-1920-x-1200The beliefs you hold about yourself, about others and the world you live in, can create a wall around you, especially if you aren’t aware of the ones that limit you and keep you within those walls.

These limiting beliefs create anxiety and fears. Beliefs that you can never leave it. Beliefs that you aren’t good enough. Beliefs that you’ll never have what others have. You get the gist. As long as you keep yourself in that box, that treasure chest bursting with passion will remain hunted. Set yourself free.

2. Take Ownership & Responsibility

You are where you are for a reason. Everything has happened for a purpose. Every choice you have ever made has caused you to be the person you are now. But you must recognise that first. Don’t be a victim. Don’t shift blame. Feel empowered by being able to control your future because you ALWAYS have a choice. Feels good to feel empowered doesn’t it?

3. Identify Your Values

Can you remember any significant events where you made a choice? Such as a break-up, or confronting your boss about something, or a family issue. You remember these moments for a reason, their emotional component. So what was the emotional pay-off for that decision? Why did you choose that path? Values are one of THE most fundamental parts to living a fulfilled life. How you wish to feel daily and how you make your decisions eventually dictates your results. Living in disharmony with your values creates internal conflict, stress, worry, feelings of unease and unhappiness. Perhaps this is where you’re going wrong on your hunt.

4. Read & Grow

read books, read to grow, inspiring books, cool books pictureInstead of watching TV or chatting on the phone, invest your time wisely. Read motivational books. Read auto-biographies of those you admire. Read books to improve your emotional intelligence, read books on leadership, read material that will inspire you to be more, empower you to feel more confident in yourself and that will create an urgency in you to change where you are. You never know what material you come across that may make your heart race, that may cause a stir for you. It may be yet another clue on the treasure hunt.


5. Affirm Yourself Positive

How do you talk to yourself? We are bombarded every day by negativity, other people’s thoughts and opinions, news/media, social media updates… the list goes on. Our mind’s are programmed to see the faults, unfortunately it’s the society we live in. It takes only 17 seconds for a thought to become active, to grow a pathway in the brain, so when you think anything negative, it becomes deep rooted, like a well paved road the more you focus on it and creates a road block.

Affirmations help our unconscious dig up the road and lay new foundations so we are free from the negativity. Create new positive statements that you would like to believe about yourself. Have little post-it notes on your mirror “I am successful. I am organised. I love myself unconditionally” Drop your pre-conceived ideas on this and just try it!

6. Be Curious

Ask why, Ask how, ask what… Ask! You know how little kids are so curious they ask so many questions.  Why is the sky blue? What is that yellow colour in the curry? Why do mummy and daddy roll around in the dark naked?!

Somewhat naive questions yes, but their curiosity to learn is something we lose as adults. We lose our innocence. We fear we may be ridiculed for asking something others may perceive as stupid. But embrace your inner child, be curious, forget the outcome and just BE.

7. Be a GO Getter, not a NO Getter 

You either have your excuses or your results. There will always be a reason not to, there’ll always be a better time, there’s always a ‘what if’, there’ll always be fears, there’s always the option to say no. Why not start saying YES. Have you seen the movie Yes Man with Jim Carey? jim_carrey_in_yes_man-HDTake a leaf out of his book, maybe don’t engage in sexual acts with your elderly neighbour, but you know what I mean!

Go out and grab life with both hands, experience everything it has to offer, loosen your rules and expectations you’ve set for yourself & you will find new treasure, treasure you didn’t even think existed. Treasure that revitalises your passion!

8. Reflect & Journal

Being able to look back on your life and pin point crucial turning points gives you deep insight into what is important to you and how you were able to move forward. Gaining a deeper understanding of yourself and why you made certain decisions will only benefit you to find the real you. Writing thoughts and reflections down in a journal will transform how you think, your feelings and your behaviour. Being real and authentic is the foundation for passion.

9. Be a Model

Who do you aspire to be like? Who do you know that you respect and admire? What inspiring qualities do you see in that person? Those very qualities are simply a projection of qualities you have in yourself, but you haven’t got the awareness to express it. So model that person, step into their shoes and feel how that feels. That quality may be a reflection of your passion. On the opposite side, look at what you’re jealous or judgemental about too. This could also be a mirror to a passion with you.

10. Search for Wisdom, not Opinion

Too many times do we seek advice from the people closest to us, but they may not be in position to advise you. Are they getting the results they want in their life? Are they as emotionally developed as you? Choosing who you spend your time around is crucial. It is widely known that you’re the product of the 5 people you spend your most time with, so choose to be around those that enhance your life and allow you to grow. Ask those you respect to share their wisdom, not those you love for their opinion.

11. Switch Off!

I am all for working hard, having a sense of achievement, promotions, but it’s incredibly important to switch off to let your mind rest. When you silence your mind, you hear your own thoughts again. Blossom TreeGet away from technology & into nature. Switching off helps you listen to your inner voice, your gut instinct, instead of the noise of a hectic life. Only once you switch off can you hear your inner voice. Let that voice guide you to align your working life around your values, to align your goals with your values. Switching off has transformational benefits, you don’t see successful people switch off, but I assure you they do.


12. Good Health

It goes without saying that to have a clear, uncluttered mind you need to look after yourself with wholesome, nourishing food. If you eat garbage, you’ll get garbage. If you eat goodness, you’ll get goodness. Are you at your healthiest?

13. Invest!

If you had £86,000 in your bank account that you had to spend before the day ran out before it was wiped clean to zero the next day, wouldn’t you do everything you could to spend it? And spend it wisely? You have 86,000 seconds in a day. How do you choose to spend those? Having passion means you get lost in time, you don’t clock watch, you are so in love with everything you’re doing that every second is investing in yourself, in your purpose. What do you do? Spend time, or invest it?

Much love until next time

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