13 Powerful Questions To Reflect on 2017 (And Make 2018 Even Better!)

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Choosing to reflect deeply on our year is one of the most important practices I have brought into my life. We forget all the great things we have done, the awesome compliments we have received, the loving relationships we have forged and the journey we have been on.

Our mind goes to the negative so easily. Society distracts us from looking at ourselves, the news constantly gives nothing but fear & negativity, and media always seeks to criticise people for how they look. We have to see past all of that and train our minds to see the good everywhere. This starts with us. 

These powerful questions will not only help you reflect on your year, but also re-train your mind to look at your positive traits, achievements and what you’re proud of. The more we nurture ourselves and drop the belief that it’s arrogant, selfish or just not something we do, the more we actually start to create a life we are in love with. 

And if you’re somebody that doesn’t think they have anything to shout about from 2017, all the more reason to reflect & do this exercise. We are training our minds to focus on all the love, joy and happiness in our lives. It is there, some may have to look harder than others!

13 Powerful Questions To Reflect on 2017


1. What are you most proud of? What have you done that you didn’t think you could do before?

Focus it in terms of WHO YOU ARE. not about having a child, or getting a promotion. Be sure to give different dimension rather than just on an event, so you’re channeling the pride on who you are rather than what you have done. Perhaps you could ask how has giving birth created growth within you based on how you think, how you see yourself or how you act.


2. What obstacle have you overcome and what have you learned from it?


3. What would you do differently? And why is that important to you?


4. What was an unexpected joy?

Who did you meet, what lightbulb moment did you have, what event or experience did you go to, or perhaps you started earning money from your passion? What joy came into your life that you didn’t plan for? 


5. What was the MOST challenging thing you had to do / feel / overcome?


6. Pick 3 words to describe 2016 How do these makes you feel


7. Who were your most valuable relationships with? And why?


8. What was your biggest personal change?


9. In what ways did you grow emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually?


10. What phrase describes 2016?


11. How can I make it better for 2017? And why is that important to me?


12. What was the best book you read? What did it help you with specifically?


13.  If you had to create one lesson you learned this year to pass down to your future grandchild, what would that be?


Create a solid foundation by reflecting on who you are, how you have shown up and the experiences you’ve had. There can be no prosperity without clarity. The deeper into your answers you can go, the clearer you’ll see and the farther you’ll go. 

After all, you only have one life. Don’t waste it by letting the years merge into one and before you know it, you’re nowhere near where you thought you’d be. The time is NOW.

Oh and one more thing….

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With love and magic

Abi x

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