5 Tips To Unleash Your Creativity

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unleash creativity

I used to say ‘I am not creative’ and guess what, that’s what I always was.

Are you IN LOVE with what you’re doing right now? Have your passions evolved into something bigger? If not, do not worry, the more you allow yourself to be creative and open to possibilities, the more you can tap into some of that creative genius laying dormant inside. We ALL have unlimited vibrant creativity within us, but only we have the power to unleash it.

We have to believe it to be possible and LET GO of ALL our pre-conceived ideas, be flexible, adapt and be willing to push the boundaries of what is possible. When we cling on to what we know, we miss all of what we can create.

How do you tap into your creativity?
–> Get ready to be UNCOMFORTABLE.
–> Allow yourself to really feel and tune into your inner POWER.
–> BELIEVE in what you cannot SEE.
–> Trust in your own ability.
–> ACT on everything, and learn from it all later.

To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong!

That’s all folks. Short & sweet today.

Abi x

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