Ready To Try Some New Recipes?

E-Book Includes:

  • Discover What We Stock Our Pantry With
  • 7 Tasty & Fulfilling Plant Based Recipes
  • All Gluten Free, Vegan & Refined Sugar Free

Transform Your Cooking With This Easy To Follow Guide On Plant Based Cooking


This E-Book Is For:

  • Those Who Want To Transition Off Meat & Dairy
  • Those Wanting To Live A Healthier Lifestyle
  • And Those Who Want To Inject Some Magic Into Their Cooking

“Her food was incredibly tasteful. Abi is a very talented cook with lots of energy and creative ideas, I would 100% recommend her!”

– Dipa Trivedi, London

“She cooks the most delicious, creative food ever ! Abi really is magic, every recipe was exactly what my body (and soul) needed. Delicious, nutritious and beautiful, the perfect triangle!”

 – Paola, Paris