9 Signs You’re A Perfectionist & What To Do About It

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I’ve used the label of perfectionist to describe me for years, especially as it’s a character trait associated with Virgos.

“Virgos are notorious perfectionists who figure that if they’re gonna do something they might as well do it right. They set high standards for themselves and are constantly pushing themselves to achieve at higher and higher levels. Sometimes they can be a little too hard on themselves however working themselves into in a state of stress unnecessarily.”

This is not something to be proud of! It’s something to let go of once & for all. Don’t be fooled by thinking it’s who you are…. it’s holding you back from being all that you are.

“Hi I’m Abi and I am a Recovering Perfectionist!”

It’s not the easiest label to let go of, as it gives us an excuse not to do something until we’re ready. But when are we ever ready? Was Harry Potter ready to fight Voldermort? No, but he did anyway. Imagine if he’d have said, you know what I’m not ready I need to practice my spells more before I fight you!

So let’s look at the 9 signs that you are a perfectionist:

1. Feeling a failure if you don’t meet your goals. I tend to focus on the result instead of the joy of the journey in getting there. I have learned to embrace each moment and the lessons they bring, rather than needing an end result.


2. Very high standards. Everything must be EXCEPTIONAL, good enough just won’t do. This means you’re never usually satisfied as there’s always more to achieve, creating unnecessary amount of frustration!


3. All or nothing mindset. I like to be able to everything well. Which means I throw myself into projects and give 100% or I don’t do them at all. Sound familiar?


4. Procrastination. Do you sometimes like to wait until you know EXACTLY how to do something or ‘until you are ready’ so you won’t risk looking silly?


5. Can be a workaholic and go into HIGH ACHIEVERS mode. If this is you, relaxing and not having a to do list is usually quite hard.


6. Are Highly Critical. You often notice mistakes and are quick to point them out to others and especially about yourself.


7. Thrive off recognition and praise from others. Recognition is usually a driving factor for perfectionists, as it means you have done something well and completed your to-do list.


8. Struggle to take any criticism or feedback well. With high standards and failure not being an option, is it any wonder that you take things personally when someone gives you feedback?!


9. Eyes On The End Result. You don’t care what happens in between or what it takes to achieve the goal. You just want to ensure that the end result is attained! This can take you away from being adaptable and flexible to change.

How Do You Change These Perfectionist Tendencies?

Two ways.

ONE: Remember that perfectionism is just a label. Just like you can cut the label out of your jumper, you can remove the label from your own mindset. I figured many of us struggle with this, so I joined up with Theresa Fowler, a fellow coach who is also an author to bring you a free webinar. You can catch the recording here.

In this webinar, Theresa and I will guide you through their journey with perfectionism and share how embracing your own imperfections will create more happiness, more confidence and more peace in your life!

  • Dispel the myths of what it means to be perfect
  • Discover tools to enable you to build trust in yourself
  • Learn how to let go of the need to be and have everything perfect
  • Understand how perfectionism is causing you to creating distance in your relationships

The big thing is… if we wait until we are ready we will NEVER start. If we have such high expectations of ourselves, then we will NEVER feel good enough.

Let’s start to change our perfectionist tendencies! Watch the webinar now

TWO: Join me in Leeds on 11th February 12pm at Yoga Hero for my Living With Purpose workshop. Do you struggle to move forwards because you don’t know exactly how? Or maybe you’re afraid of not knowing everything, getting things wrong and even failing?

I felt like that once too. But that little niggling voice that was telling me I was meant for more kept getting louder and interfering with the monopoly that fear once had.

WHY are you getting hijacked by stress, anxiety or the classic “I am not good enough” syndrome?

WHY are you setting yourself up for a burnout, working harder — not smarter?

There IS a new way. There is a BETTER way. And it starts with you!


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With love & magic

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