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is not about what you do, it's about how you live within yourself

About Me

My journey has taken so many turns i NEVER expected. If you’d have told me 6 years ago I would be living in Ibiza, with the love of my life, cooking super nutritious healthy food on wellness retreats I would have laughed in your face! 

I didn’t plan any of it! But that’s been the most beautiful part of it. The journey has fulfilled me so much more than the destination. Do we ever really arrive? 

I used to feel utterly lost, alone and full of sadness. I struggled to connect with women, or have any real friends. I never valued myself or saw my worth to create anything worthwhile. Health wise, there was ALWAYS something wrong with me and I just always had that little niggling feeling I wasn’t in the right life. 

I felt I didn’t belong. I felt I was meant for more. I just didn’t know what. 

All the striving for success as though it was the only important thing in the world, needing to be the best, needing attention, changing myself to fit in and binge drinking and partying for hours on a weekend just wasn’t me. 

From Rock Bottom Created A

Turning Point

After years of feeling unfulfilled, totally confused and lost as to what my place was in the world, the day came when everything changed. 

in 2012, I was losing myself in parties, staying up all night & surrounding myself with many people who helped me numb my pain. I felt totally disconnected from myself and everyone else. One day, after an all night party I felt as though I was looking down on myself as someone I didn’t recognise. 

This can’t be it? Is this all I am meant for? 

It was a rock bottom moment. But a powerful turning point as well. 

My soul had woken up for possibly the first time ever, and I knew that I owed it to myself to sort my life out, start to look after my health and create a life I was proud of. 

An eating disorder & depression when I was 21 was the culmination of years and years of unhappiness. I did’t realise it at the time, it’s only since reflecting back that I can see this clearly. 

My relationship with myself and with food has been the real journey ever since. As well as with my real relationships with friends, family and intimate partners.  All I ever wanted was to give and receive love, yet it was something I never felt I had. My relationships with men were very surface and unfulfilling, i was living from my head, protecting my heart from being hurt. Never truly living. 


Since committing to my own growth and valuing myself, I met my true love Mogli. He is everything I ever dreamed I would marry and more! He is my soul mate, my best friend and the most beautiful human being in this universe. He sees straight into my soul and our relationship is magical! It’s not been without its struggles though, but we both have an unwavering trust in each other, our wise warriors and wizard who bring out the best in each other. And of course the pure consciousness that love is – that is can transcend any challenges we may face. 


I allowed myself to be open and vulnerable and in that vulnerability I attracted what I always wanted. TRUE LOVE. True love is possible if you believe it to be. I really believe this. It is possible when you let go of past heartbreak and open your heart, mind & soul to love.

First for yourself, and then willing to give and receive love. Allowing someone to really see you naked, i.e. a completely open heart, is for me the ultimate act of human courage.


I started with my own journey, finding out my passions and desires without attaching onto a man for my sense of identity. Our man enhances who we are, he doesn’t make who we are. It’s been the most wonderful journey ever. 5 years together, married and thinking about starting our own family.

What Now

My life now is unrecognisable from where it was 7 years ago. From partying all night long with chronic digestive problems, hair falling out, bad skin, constant UTI’s, endometriosis, depression, doctors visits and ibuprofen as a best friend to the present moment…

Living on a magical island Ibiza, surrounded by inspiring spiritual beings, madly in love, healing my body & soul with the support of many magical healers & cooking plant powered nutritious food for wellness retreats for others to come and heal. 

It all starts with a commitment to yourself. Sometimes making a choice different to everyone else. To be willing to be judged, criticised or avoided. Because doing something for yourself isn’t our society’s norm, but it’s the only way for you to feel truly fulfilled and alive each day.

The day I learned about nutrition changed my life forever…. How I lived, the people I was around, the food I ate & cooked, how I cured illness, my mindset around health and healing. It’s been the most rewarding but challenging journey. But one where I actually feel IN CONTROL. So many years i just felt chaotic and all over the place.

Taking control of your health will be the BEST thing you ever do.

Setting boundaries in your relationships will give you more fulfilment that you ever realised

Open hearted communication will rock your world. I promise.


The magic is in the journey, not the destination. 

Coaching Programme

Food Alchemy

Food Alchemy coaching program is under creation at the moment.

It will be for those women who

  • Struggle with self worth
  • Lack confidence in their bodies
  • Desire To STOP STRESSING about food
  • Want to take charge of your emotional health
  • Lack inspiration for healthy food & eating well
  • Are looking for support, connection and community
  • KNOW they are destined for more, but don’t know how.

We are excited to be able to launch this in 2020.

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A Taste of Plant Powered Magic