Are You At Your Healthiest?

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Are you at your healthiest? do i need to detox? confused about health

We live in a world with so many different diets…

No carbs, low fat, calorie counting, soup diets and then of course there’s the ‘seefood’ diet – those who see food and eat it!

So let me ask you a question, if diets worked…. Why aren’t we all slim, fit and healthy?

The fact is, there is so much information out there, that we as a nation have become confused as to what the right food and drink is for our bodies. Do you have problems in any of the following areas?

  • Eradicating fat?
  • Achieving your ideal weight?
  • Fitting into your ‘skinny’ jeans?
  • Low motivation?
  • Skin problems?
  • Low energy?
  • Poor concentration?
  • Reliance on caffeine?
  • Bloating or indigestion?
  • Struggle to get up in the morning?

Many people are under the illusion that they are the healthiest they can be, that their persistent cold, tiredness, lack of energy and poor sleep is just ‘how they are.’ But what if these symptoms were your body’s way of informing you that you are out of balance with too many toxins in your system?

I personally believe that we were all born with the ability to live with energy and vitality, but we abuse our bodies with excessive alcohol, processed foods and refined sugar, amongst other things. By understanding our own bodies, we can continue to live with this vitality even as we age physically.

This does not mean cutting out all of the things we enjoy, as everyone loves a drink (or three), a sweet dessert or takeaway meal, but it is about knowing what works for us, and more importantly what is important to us. We have to enjoy what we eat, but also enjoy how we feel afterwards too.

Do you want to moan about being tired at work? Or having no energy to go out on an evening? We all lead busy lives, don’t we, but this does not mean those lives should not be filled with love, fun and excitement just because we get tired. Especially if this is something we can control by a clean eating lifestyle and adopting new habits that serve us well.

I will be sharing with you information that I believe is key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It is not about dieting, or restricting yourself of certain foods, but merely monitoring what foods fuel your body giving you energy and those that make you tired and sluggish.

I have often been asked by friends and family…”Are you dieting, you eat so healthily?” I find it highly amusing that by eating clean foods and changing my lifestyle, this is seen as a diet, when in fact, we were born to be happy and healthy! We have just had convenience food thrown at us that has helped our nation become overweight and unhealthy. It is no wonder that obesity is on the rise.

It is thought that by 2050, 60% of men, 50% of women and 25% of children will be obese. These figures are crazy! Fortunately, through the right education and guidance on nutrition, as well as a desire to improve your health, every single person can live everyday full of fun, vibrancy and vitality.

Now to some of you reading this, this may sound like hard work. Now let me ask you another question, how much do you value your health? The only thing I want for each person is to achieve success in their health and fitness goals, in whatever determines success for you. So if that is eradicating excess fat, then that is your goal. It may be improving your diet by cutting out allergenic foods, then that is success for you. Or it could be to introduce a breakfast smoothie every day to fill you with delicious fruits and vegetables bursting with flavor and energy, then doing that is success for you.

Whatever your idea of success is, you can achieve it by creating the right habits in the right environment, both of which you have 100% control of.

In Fact, 90% of your health is within your control, with only 10% down to genetics. So yes… if you are thinking that because your mum or dad are overweight leaves no hope for you is an excuse to remain unhealthy, this is no longer an excuse you can hide behind!

And really why would you? The fact is that eating well and maintaining a healthy lifestyle helps us look and feel good, giving us more energy to enjoy our spare time, be more focused and productive at work and generally live a life we enjoy!

With love & bananas


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