Be A Creator Of Your Future (Not A Victim Of Your Past)

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Do you sometimes just feel that your business isn’t always within your control? Your relationship doesn’t feel like you think it should? Or your health just is not consistently vibrant & energised?

Sometimes it takes something to smack you in the face to make you take some time to readjust, focus & look at yourself for the answer.

Before the robbery, life had taken a wonderful uplift so walking into our home, our pride and joy turned upside down, ransacked and looking like a war zone was just horrific. It was like something out of a movie. You can imagine the thoughts and feelings we felt as what had just happened sunk in.


Are any of us ever taught to deal with these feelings?

Even as I wrote this, my heart has started to race, and THAT gut wrenching feeling has come back. As though I was being punched in the stomach, it feels so real.

But I knew it was possible to make these feelings go away, and I had to before I took over all the good in my life. I couldn’t sleep that night for the image of how my house looked when I walked in was dominating my thoughts, but the simple things really do make everything easier.

Feeling safe in Mogli’s arms was all that mattered to me in that moment and that was the only way I was able to fall to sleep. The thieves for sure were never able to steal what we have.

I wasn’t angry, nor was I wishing they’d break their legs or whatever else would go through your mind.

That would get me nowhere, it would simply bring more negative energy into my life.

All I wanted was to be able to move forwards with
– inner PEACE
– POSITIVE lessons
– ways to INSPIRE others.

What I also knew for sure was if I let this unfortunate event get the better of me, if I let it plague my thoughts, then I would be an angry hostile woman, turning into a victim of the crime. Not me. I am not a victim of anybody or anything.

I wasn’t asking myself “what have I done to DESERVE this”

but more importantly “what have I done to CREATE this circumstance?

If you ask yourself how YOU have created an event or circumstance, you are at the cause.

If you ask yourself, “Why did I deserve this?” you are at the effect.

This is something I began to do more consciously a few years ago after going on an NLP course & it changed my life. When you put yourself at the cause of what happens to you, rather than the effect, you gain control.

– You EMPOWER yourself.
– You give yourself 100% RESPONSIBILITY for your life.

You cannot change what other people do, but you CAN control your thoughts & RESPONSE TO them. If you are at the effect of everything, you have NO control. Zero. Nada. Zip.

Everything is an opportunity to grow or an obstacle to keep you from growing, wayne dyer

How on earth can you live your life to its FULLEST POTENTIAL?
– How can you rekindle the fire for living if you have no control over your own life?

Out of every experience, there is a opportunity to grow, learn and advance on the steps to mastering your own life. And that really means EVERYTHING, no matter how traumatic it feels at the time. So the next time an event occurs in your life, whether it be a break-up, a financial loss, a robbery, an argument with a family member, not attracting your ideal clients, a health issue or disease, ask yourself:

“What did I do to create this?”

Even if you ultimately answer that you did nothing to create it, as I did about the robbery in this instance, then you have CHOSEN to THINK & ACT more wisely.

You have taken CONTROL of a situation that could have broken you and instead turned it to one that empowered you!

I could either have moaned, complained and ranted about how there are such bad people in the world that cause such pain. Leaving me to be under constant stress and low energy because I am thining such negative, aggressive and low vibration thoughts.

Or I could have looked at what I did to attract that situation into my life….

Perhaps I needed to learn a lesson from that experience. Perhaps how I had been thinking was of a low energetic vibration, meaning I attracted more of the same. Whatever the reason why, there’s always a lesson. It might be a painful lesson, but that is how you learn.

…Choosing to think this way put me in control RAISING my energetic vibration, feeling positive & genuinely happy. Thus ALLOWING life to FLOW with no resistance.

The same situation with two completely different thought patterns can shift your reality in TOTALLY opposite ways. So no matter how hard it is in any situation, put yourself in the driver’s seat and see how you created that car crash of a situation. Search for answers that give you control, that give you strength and can ultimately be used for the greater good to inspire others to live their life to the fullest.

The final thought I’ll leave you with is this:

The average person runs about 60,000 thoughts through his mind EVERY day. And wait for this….


So unless you can master your thoughts, your life will continue to be the same as it always has been.


If you let your thoughts control your life, based on what happens “to you” then you will be a victim. and that is one of the saddest things of all. When you can master your thoughts you really do create your own reality. Be the author in the next chapter of your life. 

Check into my next article in which I will be sharing a simple step by step guide how you can overcome your thoughts with a positive step towards enlightenment.

Much love
Abi Fox

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