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Hello lovely readers, For me, quinoa is an incredible source of protein, tasty, versatile and cheap too. It’s a great choice if you don’t eat much meat too, but ensure you soak it in some warm water before use! Many grains can be covered in phytic acid which prohibits the absorption of minerals and inhibits enzymes that[…]

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Hello lovely readers, Living with a man who still likes their meat and pasta can be a challenge to cook for when he wants a meaty texture and some ‘stodge.’ It’s only ‘stodge’ because it fills you up so much. It only fills you up so much because it bloats you. When the body feels a foreign[…]

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Hello lovely readers, I have been asked for more recipes with fish in, so thought I would share this delicious recipe from Hugo from the Balearic Bootcamp on the Ibiza Kitchen. I substituted the soy in the original recipe for tamari, so the recipe is gluten free, but feel free to stick with soy sauce if that’s your preference.[…]

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