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Hello lovely viewers! So the next Q&A video is here. “It’s an every day virtue to live life without regrets.” What do you live for each day? Do you go to bed wishing you had lived a different day? Longed after somebody else’s life? Sometime you hold ourselves back through fear of what could go[…]

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health, breakthrough, revitalise, coaching, success, energy, focus, plant based diet, alkaline

Hello lovely viewers, After having a ‘Breakthrough’ Session with Meg yesterday, I wanted to share her question regarding a healthy diet with you. Following a purpose, focusing on your passion & wanting to achieve great success can often negatively impact our health if we don’t educate ourselves & know what works best for our own[…]

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Hello lovely viewers! Today’s video is relating to something I think we all deal with at times! Negative people who question what you are doing. It can be those that aren’t a big part of your life, someone you’ve never met or sometimes it can even be the people closest to you. This negativity can[…]

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