Falling Off The Wagon Only Makes You Stronger

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No matter your choice of wagon, it’s likely you’re going to fall off at some point. Thinking you’re 1000% set for life is only going to make you feel bad about yourself when you fall off.

I’m not saying this to be a pessimist. I think you know by now that is not me. I’m here to help you be at peace with your choices, and not give yourself a hard time about it.

Whether you choose to avoid alcohol, drugs, caffeine, gluten, dairy, sugar, meat or some or all of the above, that wagon is there to guide you, to help you stay on track and stay off the muddy ground upon which you once found yourself.


But on those occasions you find yourself in that oh so familiar mud, ENJOY it. Roll around in it. Act like a child experiencing mud for the first time, with no care in the world but fun and play.


Please. This is more important in some ways than eating the 4 cheese pizza, or the 10 biscuits with your cup of tea, or that final glass of wine that gave you a pounding headache.

Recently I spent 2 weeks in the UK and oh my did I enjoy rolling around and swimming in the mud below the wagon! I ate so many foods I don’t usually eat. Pizza, biscuits, sourdough bread, sticky toffee pudding, all the tasty but gluten and sugar filled stuff that makes me feel heavy and bloated.

But this is OK.

It’s how you get up when you fall off the wagon that defines who you are.


Watch the video below for more on this topic.



Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 12.03.10 cast-a-new-level-of-self-love    


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