Fear or Fascination?

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Do you embrace change or fear it?

Many people have become curious about my diet and healthy lifestyle. Partly because it is so far from the one I was living 3 years ago and partly because it goes against what the majority eat on a daily basis; so it is either fascinating or frightening, or to some, just weird. But hey, that’s ok too. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, they have their own view of the world and how I live my life might not align with that. Appreciate everybody for where they are. If somebody living my lifestyle had spoken to me 3 years ago about the things I know now, I would have switched off as I wouldn’t have felt I could contribute anything to the conversation or find any common similarity.

We connect with those people that are like us, or those that we aspire to be like. So I never take it personally when somebody questions or dismisses my choices in my diet, choice of work or lifestyle. I love my lifestyle, but it’s important to highlight that I didn’t wake up one day and decide, Hey! This is what I’m going to live like now.

It has taken a couple of years of education, attending workshops and personal developments weekends from leaders in the health & wellness industry, trial and error, reading, being around the right people and most importantly having a big enough reason to change my lifestyle. Only by all of the above combined was I able to create new daily disciplines, adding in new ones gradually to allow me to be in control of my food, rather than it control me by loving food in a healthy way.

Fascinating or frightening, but either way, understanding my lifestyle isn’t the concern. It’s about understanding how you can go about implementing positive changes in your life. Change to many of us can be fascinating – it certainly was for me. The more I learned, the more fascinated I was. For others, change is incredibly frightening and something to be avoided at all costs. Change, however is something we needn’t fear. The only thing to fear is fear itself.

This became apparent in my life recently as I am about to embark on a new adventure in Ibiza.I am leaving everything I have ever known, to cross the ocean to the blue skies, warm sunshine and spirituality of the White Isle. For many, this is viewed upon as an adventure, no questions asked, as they agree in living the life of my dreams, with the man of my dreams on the island I have always had in my heart. Others, without realising it, express their fears to me just by the language they use. Well what are you going to do out there? What will you do for money? Will you not miss your friends and family? Surely you need to have a plan, you can’t just up and leave without a plan… you know the drill.

Yes we always need a plan, but remember….

Martin Luther King made the ‘I have a Dream’ Speech, not the ‘I Have A Plan’ speech. Now I don’t think THAT speech would have gathered 250,000 people. That man shared his beliefs with the world and connected with others who shared some or all of his beliefs. That is all I do and is all I have done throughout the last two years. Listened to others, done my own research and put into practice that which works for me.

So I am following my heart and pursuing a dream. Dreams do not come easily. They come from hard work, persistence, courage, determination, overcoming obstacles (including fear and failure) and an unwavering belief in yourself and that very dream. Fear can paralyse us. It can stop us from achieving what we deeply desire. Fear is only real if you allow it to be real, but sometimes it can be hard pulling yourself out of it until you know what fear really means. We know how fear feels, but what does it mean?

Fear can be seen in many different ways but for most it is something to conquer or overcome. However, for me fear can be as profound as success and happiness. You need to make the distinction between “Is this just uncomfortable?” or “Is it life threatening?” Being uncomfortable just means you’re growing. When you make changes to your health, and you start to feel worse before you feel better, it’s a sign that you’re growing. Growing out of sub-optimal health and transitioning towards the health you seek.

Do you listen to your fear and survive? Or do you want more? When you get past the fear that is holding you back, it is as though you have just been in the eye of the storm, the storm has now passed and you’re into calm water. You gain clarity, sense of achievement, focus and a serenity that I believe can only come from overcoming fear and pain.

I had a day last week where I was consumed with fear about moving to Ibiza. Fear about leaving my security of a job, home, friends and family and business opportunities. I let this fear take over my heart felt dreams, and make me question if I was making the right decision. OF COURSE IT’S RIGHT. But I gave energy to this fear, so it grew. I shared my concerns with some friends, some of whom without realising it, fuelled that fear. But I allowed them to fuel it. It soon began to grip my whole being like an anaconda grips its prey. I allowed fear to take me into a state of lack and scarcity, what ifs and hypothetical questions, which if we lived in those, we would never actually live, just exist. I took myself out of the present moment and into a future without my heart’s desire, and it looked bleak.

Whoever heard of the fairytale, where boy meets girl, they fell in love, boy invites girl to live with him on a magical island, she said yes, then as the time drew closer, girl got scared and didn’t go and didn’t live happily ever after. That’s what fear does to us. It ruins our fairytale. Life is a fairytale if you commit to achieving it with passion, desire and will. Fear will create obstacles on your way, but you must let fear be your friend as it is challenging your hearts’ desire to see how much you want it. Good friends will challenge you, enhance your life and allow you to grow. Just like fear.

So back to my original point about people finding my healthy lifestyle fascinating or frightening. Both of these are normal and should encourage you to make the changes you know you need to learn more about health, so you can learn what little things you can do to make a difference to your lifestyle without it feeling overwhelming or unachievable to sustain.

So whatever your fears are in life, whether it be fear of failure in starting a new business, fear of rejection when opening your heart to someone, fear of not being good enough, fear of making changes in your life and being different from your friends, fear of getting everything you’ve ever dreamed of…

Understand why they’re there and be brave enough to make the choices that will take YOU to where you need to be, that allow you to have what it is you desire the most, and what will transform your health to give you a life you love. After all, what else are we all here on this planet for, if it is not to love?

Stay in your heart,

Muchos love

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  • Magda
    Posted on July 25, 2016 at 09:59

    The abliity to think like that shows you’re an expert

    • admin
      Posted on July 25, 2016 at 13:53

      Thank you Magda. glad you like the post.


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