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“We are designed to feel alive, vibrant and energised, yet the mainstream food

available to us limits this possibility. Inspired by the healing ability of the right

foods combined with the innate human desire to find our true tribe,

The Food Alchemist Ibiza promises not only to serve the most delicious, creative,

nutritious plant-powered food, in a place where you can connect & grow

with like minded passionate foodies. We are here to support your plant based lifestyle

with recipes, wellness guidance, cooking classes & 1:1 Mentoring

in Ibiza and wherever you are in the world.”

I'm a Plant Based Chef, Food Educator & Wellness Mentor

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Looking for more support?

I offer 1:1 guidance in your cooking adventure, supporting you with not only creating more confidence in the kitchen, but also in creating healthy relationship with yourself. 

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Our Food: An Asian Influence

Abi has a huge passion for Indian cuisine stemming from her Indian roots. Abi’s mum was born and raised in Shimla, Northern India for 21 years and that was heavily seen in her childhood, with her mum always serving up home cooked traditional Indian food. The house often smelled like an Indian restaurant, but it was the smell that made it feel like home! This inspiration has laid the foundation for Abi’s style of cooking, bringing in many Asian-inspired creations to her menus.

Not having found an Indian restaurant she loves on the island, Abi created her own Curry Club offering up an Indian feast in a place to connect, laugh and share the joy of foodgasms!

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Who Am I?

Growing up in a house where home-cooked nourishing food was the norm,
our chef Abi has developed the palate and passion for good food. Abi’s mum was born and raised in India for 21 years which hugely influenced Abi’s tastes and cooking, with many Asian inspired dishes on her menus.
Abi’s real food journey began in 2013 when she was building herself back up from a big trauma in her life that left her
self worth and health at rock bottom. With a desire to create a life for herself, she started learning about
nutrition and realising the impact food has on our health, emotional state and energy levels.

Curiosity, eagerness to learn and passion were the perfect ingredients in Abi’s new pursuit of a healthy lifestyle. Abi became vegan for a couple of years before realising that labels didn’t work for her.

Abi calls herself a flexitarian, meaning she listens to her intuition who guides her to what feels right for her body in each moment. Abi eats predominantly plant-based and gluten free however is not bound by being vegan,
paleo or other food labels that may restrict what the soul wants. It’s about knowing ourselves, listening to our bodies and then setting our boundaries & sticking to them. Life is not about limiting ourselves to working, living or eating in just one way.

Since living in Ibiza, Abi’s passion for living a conscious, healthy lifestyle has evolved into cooking plant-based, nourishing, nutritious food as her business.
Built solely on word of mouth recommendations, Abi’s passion for food shone through in her cooking creating a fully booked calendar with over 25 retreats, regular curry nights & various private dining events.

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