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Living a high vibrational life is at the core of wellbeing and joy. I believe that everything we see in this world is energy. From the table you eat at to the bed you sleep in. They’re the heaviest most densest energy, the most condensed form of matter.

I also believe that you become your thoughts. The thoughts you think carry a vibrational frequency that are sent out into the quantum field.


Your thoughts words and actions literally create your reality.


Your thoughts and feelings come from your past memories. If you think and feel a certain way, you begin to create an attitude. An attitude is a cycle of short-term thoughts and feelings experienced over and over again. Attitudes are shortened states of being.


If you string a series of attitudes together, you create a belief. Beliefs are more elongated states of being and tend to become subconscious. When you add beliefs together, you create a perception. Your perceptions have everything to do with the choices you make, the behaviors you exhibit, the relationships you chose, and the realities you create.

– Joe Dispenza, You Are the Placebo: Making Your Mind Matter


Food is energy

I believe that food is also energy. With that in mind, we are eating the energy of the food. The vibration of the food is what we become.

Food we eat, thoughts we think, emotions we feel, words we feel, choices we make. They all equally and strongly affects us and our world around us. It’s with this logic, that the food you eat every day has the potential to influence you rather significantly.

Im sure you’ve heard of the phrase, you are what you eat.

My mum used to say you’ll start to look like chocolate if you eat any more of it. And although we don’t become visually like our food, we take on the energetic frequency of it.

The more high vibrational food we eat, the lighter and more high vibe we ourselves become.

High Energy Food high energy life



Vibration of animal products

Many say that eating animals is so detrimental to our health for many reasons, but one in particular is that it affects our energy. On the Gaia documentary Cosmic Disclosure, Randy Moore says to raise your vibration, its better to eat less or no animal products.

An animal that is reared in stressful and abusive conditions then inhumanely killed will hold a lot of pain and stress. They’re sentient beings. It’s this pain and stress that is believed to lower your vibration as you’re literally eating an animal that was in huge distress.

Just like when humans are stressed, they become unwell. Stress is a big catalyst for illness, if not THE catalyst and thus lowers your vibration. animals are no different. So it’s believed we consume a low vibrational energy when we eat animals or animal products.

If this is the case, what do you want to become?

At my dinner parties in Ibiza I often ask people what vegetable they’d be and why. Its a great conversation piece and it gives a deeper insight into that person too.

Isn’t it obvious you’d rather be an organic freshly picked tomato than the ones processed in a tin? I’d want to stay juicy, vibrant and the highest vibe possible.


High vibrational food

The more whole, nutrient dense food we eat from plants, the more we shine and the lighter we feel.

Did you know that plant food such as fruits, vegetables, seaweed, nuts and seeds contain higher vibrational energy called bio photon energy? (When they’re not overly heated.) This is actually an electrical energy or life force energy.

Every living being including trees, cats, cows, ants and bacteria gives off this light by a cellular chemical reaction to product energy bio photons. Whereas anything dead does not.

Back in 2013 at my first transformational seminar, I first learnt about Kirlian photos. This type of photography captures the electrical charge surrounding matter. Raw living foods have a greater energetic field when compared to cooked foods.


The more of live foods we eat, the more alive we feel.

Gabriel cousins MD mentioned that when we eat live plant based organic food our bio photon energy increases 400 %!

As an experiment, in 2014 I ate solely this way to see how i would feel. My energy, clarity of focus and motivation was sky high. I felt incredible. I was soaking nuts, juicing every day and eating a largely raw vegan diet. Eating was still a pleasure, enjoying some flexibility so I didn’t stick to it rigidly. However raw, living food is still very much a part of my diet today.

“Everything we think, feel, eat, and do triggers electrical responses in our bodies. Each of our cells is electrically charged, and therefore the electrical availability of what we eat has a profound effect on our health, vitality, and well-being. ”

– Denie Hiestand


Food can be so healing. It can bring us so much pleasure yet it can bring us so much disharmony in our bodies.

We don’t need to cut everything we enjoy our to become healthy. We can start to introduce more alive, wholefoods that supoort the body’s ability to bring us back into harmony with nature, eating more of what we’re designed to eat.

Imagine if you can become radiant and full of life by making some changes to the food you eat?

High vibrational food enhances the healing process, healthy rejuvenation and longevity on spiritual, physical and emotional levels. If you’re committed to living your best life, this is something to think about. Why not feel the best you can too.

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Big love
Abi x

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