Give Yourself A Peace Of Love

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Hello beautiful soul,

Are you passionate about what you do? Could you do it every minute of the day? Before meeting Mogli, I had all the time and energy to put into work, business ventures and other projects. If I wanted to work until 11pm and get up at 6am I could (and often did!) I threw everything into my work.

It was my perceived destiny to follow this path…I had laser-light focus and anything else was a distraction, including men. Building a legacy, creatingpassive income doing what you love and inspiring thousands of people is the dream for most entrepreneurs.

…Something so meaningful to you is hard to tear yourself away from right?

But for me, it was a distraction from feeling into what I really wanted. And that distraction brought a misalignment of my identity.
I radiated a masculine energy. One of strength, focus, ruthless power and determination. The ‘I can do anything, I don’t need anyone else attitude.’

I was told I was intimidating and unapproachable. And no wonder?! No man would approach with me while I had the attitude I had that a man would just get in my way.

A successful business owner at the time even told me not to get a boyfriend until I had achieved a certain level of success! It was said with the best of intentions, but it only created more resistance and pushed me more out of alignment with my true self & what my heart was aching for.

I believe that every true leader should encourage you to FOLLOW YOUR HEART & stay true to yourself in whatever you do. If that is to stay focused on your work, and that’s truly what your heart wants and you long for nothing, then you have a completed puzzle!

My life (and heart) was missing the last jigsaw piece. The piece of love.
Actually, the PEACE of love.

We find inner peace in many ways. But for me, internal peace and complete trust for the future came when I met Mogli. I don’t believe he completed me, but he gave me what I had longed for all of my life. Love, a life partner, a soul mate.

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Suddenly everything I thought I wanted melted away as I connected back to my true self and awakened to the power of following your heart. I continued my business projects but from a much more authentic place, without the struggle & in a flow.

No more living life on what I thought I ‘should’ do. I threw everything into work because that’s all I knew to do. It was easier to switch off my feelings and hide them, than to listen to them. But when I allowed myself to have what I truly wanted, I felt peace.

It wasn’t our love that gave me the peace, but my INTENTION & longing for love that was finally fulfilled. I gave myself my heart’s desire.

What is your heart’s desire? Whether it is true love, a travelling adventure around the world or building a 6 or 7 figure business, give your heart what it wants.

Give yourself a peace of love.

Much love

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