How To Harness The Power Of Imagination Through Visualisation In 5 Simple Steps

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Visualisation has come to be a daily practice, but when I first started, I couldn’t picture anything! Talk about frustrating. When I first wrote this blog I sat down in a beach bar in Goa and put pen to paper about why using harnessing your imagination is so important. It took me some time, but I was happy with it. But when I went to email it, it had vanished. Also frustrating! Although as bizarre as this disappearance was, it must have been the Universe’s way of telling me it wasn’t the article that I was meant to write. And the Universe was right.


Since then, I had a whole host of revelations causing me to look at who I am, how I think & how best to design my life to feel most fulfilled. As we continue our journeys we hit unexpected road bumps along the way; some are soft & easy to manage, others take longer to get over and it can feel like that day will never come. These are challenges to test us, challenge our resolve, our will and our intentions, and dare us to step into our greatness.

Much like a fog that restricts our vision, these tests challenge our ability to visualise our future with any clarity. As difficult as it may feel to imagine yourself as that brilliant confident go getting person when your current reality says otherwise, we ask you to take that leap of faith with your imagination, unless you want to remain in your current situation.


Dropping Negativity

Obviously I was meant to lose the blog, as my first attempt didn’t flow half as well as this one. I dropped my negative thoughts, stopped myself thinking and analysing, and just allowed myself to write. No judgement, no attachment, I wrote just channelling the creative juices (impossible to do when Mr Negative is lurking around. I was able to re-write when I could fully connect to my creativity and imagination by dropping the analytical, logical & critical thoughts.


Imagination vs Reality

Imagination is the important ingredient of creative visualisation, positive thinking and affirmations. The mind cannot tell the difference between what is real and what is imaginary, so we must use our imagination to create our own reality. What we feed our mind is creating our realities, so we had better be conscious of it. Focusing on the best version of yourself is far more beneficial that thinking about and affirming any negatives.


The Evidence

Chicago University conducted an experiment to test if & how visualisation can improve your skills. Dr Biasiotto split people in 3 groups & tested each group on how many free throws they could make. After this he had the first group practice free throws every day for an hour. The second group visualised themselves making free throws. The third group did nothing. After 30 days he tested them again….

The first group improved by 24%
The second group improved by 23% WITHOUT EVEN TOUCHING A BASKETBALL.
The third group, as expected, did not improve.

Your imagination makes it possible to experience a whole new world inside your mind. Imagine how well you could do if you mentally rehearsed your dreams of public speaking, massage, dancing or painting, as well as actively rehearsed them. There are ways to harness the power of visualisation, and when you know how to work with it you can make your hearts’ desires come true. A developed and strong imagination strengthens your creative abilities and is an essential tool for creating your dream life, healing mind body and soul and connecting to your heart.


The 5 Tips:


Do this first before you begin your visualisation. Create ti so clear you can confuse yourself between your vision and your reality. Imagine yourself as the lead character in an exciting, colourful, magical, fulfilling story, detailing exactly what you’d like to manifest.

Clarity in who you are & what you want to achieve & contribute to others comes from allowing your heart to pour onto paper, then use your imagination to bring it to life.



Imagine everything out of your eyes, not as though you’re watching yourself in a movie. This gives you more feeling of being in that picture able to see through your eyes, in tune with your emotions, smelling the fresh air and really getting a sense of that place. Training of the imagination gives the ability to combine all the senses, strengthening and deepening your connection with your visualisation practice.


Base these on what you feel you need to improve on, and be specific. Who do you want to be? How do you wish to think? How can you contribute to the world? What type of partner do you wish to attract? Re-wire your brain to think positive, empowering & motivating thoughts by saying these before every visualisation. They will be a solid foundation to begin maximising on your imagination’s power based on who you imagine yourself to be.


A while ago I drew this picture based on a Ted Talk I watched by Patti Doborowolski on drawing our future.

Draw in colour

Now it may seem a bit dramatic to make my current life look so bleak & lifeless haha but the stark comparison of your life now compared to the one you imagine does create a surprising surge in motivation!

Getting those creative juices flowing is an important factor in creating success in any area of our life, and drawing is fun, easy to do and another way to activate your imagination.



Once you imagine the same picture over and over again, much like strengthening your muscles at the gym with weight training, you strengthen your imagination. Visualising the same image not only heightens your personal experience of that image, but you master your mind, allow the thoughts to drop away and step into your creative power to begin to manifest your future.

Understanding & harnessing the power of your imagination will no doubt put you on the path to self healing, manifestation and a whole lot of love.

Peace & love

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