Power Of The Heart: How To Choose The Right Path In Life

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What do you do when you feel like you’re struggling to stay afloat?

Just like Dorothy realises in the Wizard of Oz, we have the power with us all along, in our hearts. But with the pressure and force of life’s currents hitting you from every angle, the unpredictability of the waves of change can leave you feeling powerless. We shut down our hearts and allow our thoughts to take over, and just like Dorothy finds, there are many paths we can take. How do we know which way to go?

No matter how clear your picture of the future is, somewhere along the way the fog will creep in and prevent you from seeing clearly. It’s as though you’re drowning. Day to day I generally feel calm, grounded & vitally aware of myself, yet constantly treading water in one aspect of my business has left me tired, unclear and frustrated.

Wanting to be able to communicate what is in my heart and soul hasn’t been easy for me recently. Communicate in articles, videos and in my marketing specifically. I’ve put pressure on myself and I’ve changed what I thought I should do based on what other leading experts in my field do. Hours of time have been spent thinking about what to write instead of feeling it from my heart.

We must think less and feel more.

In focusing my efforts towards creating blogs, vlogs and all other sorts of content, I disconnected from my heart, where my passion lies. I veered off my own path which led me to feel as though I was lost in the woods somewhere. You always have a choice, but I chose to delve back into some bad habits and I actually avoided meditating for a while, one of my favourite ways to invest my time.

Who we are today is a result of who we have been.

Just like Hansel & Gretel left breadcrumbs to find their way through the woods, we leave our own clues. Our own path is littered with our unique fingerprints.

That path may be one that we don’t want to follow again, a path that reminds us of our poor choices. Not listening to a friend, judging somebody’s choices, escaping reality through TV or alcohol, neglecting relationships to succeed in business or closing ourselves off emotionally to the world. This person is a lesser version of ourselves who avoids responsibility and is a slave to their habits. This path is essential in our lives as it serves as a lesson as to who we no longer wish to be and an opportunity to grow and advance on the path of self-mastery and conscious evolution.

Or that path may remind us of what makes us feel alive and deeply fulfilled. It may show us doing the things we love, following our passions, being creative and contributing to others. That path may encourage us to open our hearts and be vulnerable, embrace the new & the unknown and listen intently to others. It reflects a life filled with meaning and purpose. This path is rich with diamonds and other priceless treasures.

Listening To Your Heart

There are times, that come fairly often when these two paths cross. It is in those times we must make a choice as to which one we will take. The mind will always push you down the easier, habitual route. The heart will always guide you down the one that lights up as you walk on it. It may be rocky, unstable and you’re unable to see the end destination but for sure there is more adventure and evolution to be had!

What lights you up?
When was a time when you fully communicated from the heart? Be it in writing, performance, marketing or to your lover, child or family member.

Mogli could see I was struggling to work effectively today and asked me who I needed to speak to to feel clearer and happier. The third name he mentioned was the one I needed. ME. I ‘needed’ me. So he made an incredible suggestion. I picked up my journal and wrote out my frustrations as though I was one of my clients and I wrote my replies as my higher self, the empowering coach.

Answering my own frustrations, feelings of being stuck and off course, I guided myself back into my heart, focused and clear. It’s led me to a whole host of writing topics that I couldn’t think of before.

The results we have now are our breadcrumbs. They are clues as to who & where we have been. But we can illuminate a new path. Because within we always have the answer. We put ourselves on the paths we walk, we veer ourselves off them, so it stands to reason that we can be the ones to get back on that track.

Peace & love

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