How To Deal With Anxiety

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How To Deal With Anxiety

Anxiety is plaguing society at the moment. It’s something I see in so many people.

When I was at university, I had a phase of really strong anxiety, depression and eating disorders. I couldn’t control the thoughts in my mind, to the point where I would stress out over something as silly as not finding what I wanted in Tesco’s, or someone cancelling a meeting with me.

Whatever we allow our mind to focus on, we give it energy. Everything is energy from the chair you’re sitting on to the thoughts in your mind. If you focus on the fact you have anxiety, you’re just reinforcing that you have it. It is something your mind creates and by giving it more energy, you feed it and make it stronger.

To me anxiety is fearing a feeling. It’s the fear of what may happen and so we create stories in our mind! The easiest way to start overcoming anxiety is to CHOOSE to stop worrying. Cultivating awareness of our thoughts nips things like anxiety in the bud in seconds. The problem many people make is that they focus on the problem, instead of the solution.



The solution isn’t about stopping anxiety, it’s about asking yourself how can you create more self confidence. How can you become a person better equipped at dealing with stressful situations? When we grow our strengths, our weaknesses will start to fall away. Fear and worry will ALWAYS be present, we just have to grow our own awareness of when we feel fear and do it anyway!

So here the 4 A’s: Steps you can take to deal with anxiety.

Awareness. Firstly be aware that you are having stressful thoughts, fear or worry about a particular situation and take some deep calming breaths.

Ask. Ask yourself what specifically am I worried about? Where is this feeling coming from?

Act. What can I do to feel more comfortable about this situation?

Awesome. What would my BEST and most awesome self do in this situation?


Once you can flip the script and tell yourself a new version of what’s happening, you can feel freedom.

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