Are You Making Only Money Or Making A Life?

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there's a huge difference between making a lot of money and making a lot of life

I have spent so much of my time focusing on achieving, on getting the next big promotion and on what money I will earn, that I missed out on actually making a life.

Life always gives us what we need, not want we want.

At the time of writing this, I found out that my older brother was diagnosed with a brain tumour. As you can imagine it’s been very traumatic for the family. But during this time, I’ve been able to ground myself and still able to feel creative in my writing. No matter what your external environment, life still goes on and we must create ¬†opportunity out of any negative experience, while still giving ourselves time to rest, grieve or whatever we need to do to feel calm and grounded.

When pursuing financial dreams, business success, achieving great things and passionately helping others… so many people forget what TRULY matters NOW.

But how will you feel 10 years from now when you look at how you spent your time and your energy?
…Always working behind your computer
…Diary prioritised by meetings or calls with clients

…Neglecting your health, eating acidic foods
…Never getting out into nature & appreciating its beauty

…Not being 100% present with your partner
…Too tired to create time for “date night”

…Letting your connection drift away knowing you could have more.
…Missing seeing your kids first steps because you’re more focused on the steps you’re taking to achieve with your work?

Is that REALLY how you want to remember that time?

Set your priorities and master your time accordingly. Create a life that truly matters.

Much love

Abi x

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