Join Abi Fox For This Powerful Webinar Recorded Live To Create The Foundations For A Magical Year & Manifest Exactly What You Desire

Abi is an international speaker & self empowerment coach dedicated to help you to live with purpose & fall madly in love with your life. 

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This Exclusive Webinar Is For:

  • Those With A Spirit Longing To Do Something With Meaning
  • Those Who Feel Stuck & Want To Create Positive Change in 2018
  • Those Who Want More Confidence &  A Clear Sense Of Direction

In This Webinar You Will:

  • Set CLEAR Intentions for 2018
  • Connect & Have Support From Other Amazing Women
  • Learn To Let Go Of The Fear Of Failure
  • Learn 7 Steps for MANIFESTING your desires

I feel stronger than ever and the past 6 months working with Abi has been the most productive and exciting in a very long time!! I’ve made some huge changes in my life, moving back to my home town, changing my job, getting healthy and exercising, starting something I am passionate about! I feel more confident and strong than I ever have, all because of Abi I’m really excited for 2018 and hope to keep using all the knowledge and advice Abi has given me to become the best I can be. Abi, I hope you know how amazing you are!

 – Laura Henderson

Abi is amazing, she has made this content SO relatable.

Webinars can be hard going but this unique concept was pure MAGIC & it’s worth anybody’s time! You will love it!

 – Caroline Matthews