Lessons In Self-Acceptance

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This post goes out to any female who feels they aren’t enough.. not pretty enough, not slim enough, not successful enough, not earning enough, not good enough or not accepted.

…To any female who thinks they have to be & look a certain way to be liked, respected or in fact loved. And to any male also, I’m sure aspects of this will resonate with you too.


spot the difference

There are too many spot the differences in this picture. Yes it’s the same girl, a few years apart, but very very different in who she is.

That difference is self-love. Unconditional love for herself and accepting all of who she is. Letting go of the need to change herself to make others happy, to fit in, feel good enough or to find love.

Like I once was… do you feel you need to pile on the layers to hide yourself? Portray a different person to feel good because you don’t like what’s underneath? Do you try to change all of what is natural about you to fit in or feel good?

The bravado
The fake confidence
The masculine intimidating energy
The ‘I don’t need anyone else’ attitude
The need to have attention
Pleasing others before you please yourself?
And the make-up, the pouts, the fake hair, fake tan, fake eyelashes and anything else that you think you need to add to yourself.

Even the selfies…. Do it for the LOVE OF WHO YOU ARE, not to get hundreds of likes to validate who you are.

Isn’t it exhausting feeling as though it you have to do all of these things until you’re good enough? Until you feel a somebody?

Learn to accept ALL of who you are & that deep feeling of unworthiness, self-doubt, disconnection from the world by that shield of protection surrounding you will melt away.

One of the most attractive qualities we find in another is CONFIDENCE. Confidence comes from knowing who you are and accepting who you are. That energy alone is what draws people to you without having to do all of the extra stuff.

Stop trying to change who you are.
ACCEPT who you are.
Then go out and add anything extra. We don’t need to add extra ingredients to the recipe if it’s good enough already!

You are ALL good enough already.

Much love today & always

P.s if you feel this can help someone else please share it x

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