Life Lessons From Buddha With Love

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Hi my lovely readers,

On our last day in Bangkok we went to see the statue of the Reclining Buddha, which originated from King Rama IV. It was 47m long, made out of stone and mortar, painted gold. There weren’t too many tourists, it was majority Thai people coming to say a prayer and find some peace at their deity’s reclining statue. It was really heartwarming to see what Buddha meant to the Thai people.

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The day we arrived in Thailand, we heard the locals saying Buddha’s name and doing a blessing, making us aware of their strong beliefs and what was in their hearts. Interestingly, the langauge barrier isn’t a barrier at all; a smile, a handshake and a greeting in Thai is often all you need. They appear to be grateful for everything. Having a strong faith in Lord Buddha creates happiness, serenity, peace and a connection to something bigger than themselves. A meaning to life. A knowing that you are on the right path as long as you have the connection to Buddha.

In a smaller temple, there was a Holy Buddha sign which read, “The Holy Buddha radiates the wonderful energies of healing, luck, abundance and happiness eternally.”

I have been reading more about Buddhism and doing regular meditations to clear my own mind. It gets too full of questions, worries, anxieties, other people’s problems and thoughts of past, present and future. The very sign read, ‘healing and luck’. I believe if you can master your own thoughts to be those of abundance, positivity and gratitude, you see the world differently, you change your luck, you can create a different reality.

You see the good in every person, situation or event. You look upon the unknown as exciting rather than with fear. You begin to awaken to the clarity, goodness and power that is who you really are. Abundant thoughts help to align you with your hearts desire, focus youR mind on what you want and intend to have rather than what you don’t want.

Thailand, reclining Buddha, Buddhism, asian adventure. Culture, love, peace, learnings from buddha

The key is to be happy with that which you are and which you have, but also to be in anticipation of more to come without doubt or impatience. That is what creates a passionate and fulfilled life. And from what I’ve seen so far, the Thai people don’t have much, how can they if they charge £2 for a thirty minute massage? They don’t have much, nor do they appear to need much.

As Westerners, we forget what conditions and lifestyles other nations live in, but that doesn’t affect their happiness, yet a need to have more seems to affect ours. If Thais live by the teachings and messages from Buddha then they will be grateful and happy eternally no matter what they earn, what house they live in, where the clothes on their back are from or where they can travel to.

Whether you believe in a God, or in a higher source you can’t quite figure out what it is, or if you’re an aethiest, the values that Buddhism teaches is something every human being can live by. For who doesn’t want to be happy, peaceful and care-free? We can all live a simple, happy life. You can orchestrate your own future if you so wish, so I think we can take something from the Thai Reclining Holy Buddha.

Tip: “You yourself must strive, the Buddhas only point the way.” – Buddha

Muchos love


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