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Hello lovely readers


Have you ever noticed how some people are just always ill? Yet, someone in the same household never ‘catches’ the illness? That’s because you don’t just catch colds. You have to have created the right environment in your body for it to be susceptible to illness and disease. From my leanings, education and experience, my belief is that eating the correct foods and getting the right nutrients in balance will help you not only avoid illness but allow you to live a vibrant, energetic and healthy life. I am testament to the fact that education in what works for you goes a long way to transforming your health.

At one time, I was never interested in learning more about food. I thought I ate well enough, thought how I felt every day was just ‘how I was.’ I was a typical consumer who just bought into the information that was given to us in the media. I spent years working a busy lifestyle, eating foods that fit around my schedule and disposable income. I often felt tired, got regular headaches and just didn’t have much get up and go,

The fact is diets affect our body chemistry by creating a huge imbalance by feeding our bodies a huge variety of different food and drink and it doesn’t know how to cope.


Imagine having a recipe for a cake, and you chuck loads of different ingredients in hoping it will come out of the oven perfectly. Chances are it won’t rise, it’ll be dry and crumbly or just taste horrid! Knowing what ingredients you need for your cake mixture, is exactly how our bodies work, we need to know what we need to make us healthy.


A few years ago, a combination of stress, partying every weekend, lack of knowledge and understanding on nutrition, no clear vision of where I was going in life and a severe lack of awareness as to how my body worked left me feeling tired, struggling to get up in the morning, slumping by 3pm with the dreaded afternoon fatigue and so full after meals I wanted to go back to sleep. As well as being unhappy, too thin, with dull, acne prone skin, hair falling out, as well as food intolerances, stomach cramps, headaches, prone to every cold going, high stress levels and low self-esteem.


I don’t buy the notion of “live fast, die young” or “I’m going to die of something so I might as well enjoy my life.”  My health had deteriorated on a fairly large scale and only I could do something about it. It took nearly a year of abusing my body to actually realise that it was the only one I had (mad, huh!) and if I were to live a fulfilled life, I had to look after it.

I wouldn’t want anyone to leave it too late to rectify his or her health. If I hadn’t had gone through what I did, I would have continued thinking what I perceived as normal was how I was and never made changes. Only through this awareness, self-education and a willingness to learn that my journey began and I realised that were foods out there that could really empower me, inspire me and motivate me to be more and have more. Since amending how I eat I have transformed my health in a way so I am permanently, fully, holistically healthy.

So I recommend you regain what is rightfully yours and take responsibility for your own health and wellbeing. Are you at your healthiest? Are you feeling your best every day? Are you as productive as you could be? Do you like whom you see in the mirror? If not, start today, and ask yourself how you can make changes to your health.

Love Yourself, Love Your Health!

Muchos love


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