Your Mind & The REAL Power It Has Over You

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The biggest mastery we can ever achieve is that of our mind. The mind is incredibly powerful and its abilities are continually being researched to see how we can maximise on its potential. Once we master our mind, we can master anything.

If you have think that you aren’t good enough, then that’s how you will feel. If you think you’re unworthy, you’re not likely to act on something that could bring you wealth or happiness. We act based on how we think and feel. Just as our thoughts affect our feelings, they affect our body too. I have recently seen the effects of this first hand.

Dr Ravinder

During my time in India earlier this year, I spent 3 hours of my week visiting a healer specialising in Ayurvedic massage, physiotherapy, energy work with chakras and meridians as well as reflexology, nutrition and acupuncture. In other words, a magician. A real life Gandalf, only with no beard, no white hair nor white cloak. Just a happy smile & healing hands!

Dr Ravinder helped me master my mind

Many problems came up. Neck, shoulder & back problems. Chakras blocked. Poor circulation. Bad absorption. Weak muscles. Emotional stress stored in my body. You name it. Problems I never knew existed were being worked at & healed. After consistent work, he helped me release some of my emotional stress, I built up muscle strength and created a much stronger Abi. Ravinder said my energy flow went from 40% to 70% and we were on track with my healing.

The pain

Then one day on a visit to Dr Ravinder, my energy level had dropped to less than 40%. He had 5 levels of pressure he gives his clients, I generally always had 3 or 4. But on one occasion, I couldn’t handle level 3 without screaming in agony. It wasn’t even the good pain you get when you visit a therapist. This felt like TORTURE. I was in tears. Tears of emotional release and physical pain. I had actually been going through some deep emotional pain surrounding my own self worth and soul’s purpose in the days leading up to this visit, hence the difference in my body.

Everywhere he touched on my body was painful. He felt stress in my back and bum. He felt a very low energy flowing through my meridian channels. The reflexology points he pressed on my feet were excruciating. He said he could give me massage after massage but until I can control my negative thoughts, he could not heal me.

The epiphany

I felt just how much our thoughts affect us. I felt that effect in this massage. This moment was one I will remember forever. I was undoing all of his healing with me because of my thoughts and worry about my self worth! Through my consistent visits to Dr Ravinder, I learned so much about our energetic body and that our minds have SOOOOO much more power than I ever realised. I have so much gratitude to this man, he’s the most passionate man I’ve ever met about the work he does!

Committing to myself to never allow this to happen again, I could no longer allow one single negative thought to enter and camp in my mind. Once you allow one to stay, soon you’ll have a loads of tents, campfires, and a whole little community setting up camp making it even harder for them to leave. Nobody wants a negative thought camp!

So it comes with a DECISION to be aware of your thoughts and not tolerate any more negative thoughts.

Awareness of thought won’t just transform your belief in yourself, your worth, your business the action you take, but it can give your body a new lease of life. (If only we all had a Ravinder in our lives!) With regular massages and the right healer, combined with awareness of thought, you can have renewed energy flowing that creates better body tone, more energy in the morning and a calmer, more fulfilled existence.

I always believed this, but until this very moment, I hadn’t felt it in such stark contrast and physical pain. Hello epiphany.

The many many books & trainings I had read and gone to affirmed this very fact, but this practical realisation was far more profound than anything I could read in a book.

The Mind Body Connection

Your mind and body are connected. How you think creates your reality. But this time, it REALLY hit home with me. It caused me to do some research to understand the science behind it. I’ve simplified and shortened what I’ve found for you….

How you think and how you feel create a state of being. This state of being includes your physical body. Our brain manufactures certain bio-chemicals called neuropeptides, or ‘molecules of emotion’. If you feel exhilarated your brain and body produce more of a molecule called interleukin 2 but when you feel overly stressed, your levels of this go down.

Interleukin 2 has been discovered to be a powerful immune system booster & shows promise as an anti-cancer drug. Stress reduces its levels, compromising your immune system. Every thought and feeling has a biochemical equivalent, we literally have chemicals for love, anger, guilt, lust etc. These molecules can be made outside of the brain in other areas of the body and they affect EVERY CELL in the body.

Therefore the body is in effect the subconscious mind. Our mind (our beliefs and perceptions, thoughts & emotions) commands the brain and the body to produce the correlated molecules. It is the mind, working through the brain that organise the body’s functions necessary for life. Think of the brain as a piano, the mind is the pianist playing the music throughout the body.


So what kind of pianist will you be? One that plays beautiful, synchronised music creating feelings of happiness, peace, joy and gratitude? Or will you be one that plays out of time, on an out of tune piano that needs updating and retuning? By expanding your awareness and looking at who you are is just like retuning a piano – so you can be the best pianist you can be! Remember that piano player every time you feel stressed, frustrated or feel any sudden pains in your body.

The impact on your life

Awareness of our thoughts is not only important to creating more success in business, but in your self worth, your confidence, the quality of your relationships, attracting your ideal mate, feeling secure in that relationship, creating more freedom in your life and making a bloody big difference to the world.

You must have in your thoughts an ‘idealised’ self – the best version of you that you can become. Every great person in history mastered this and you can attain greatness in your own life by doing this.

Who is your idealised self? Because you are already that person. It is within you.

Peace & love

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