31 Plant Based Recipes

A Cookbook To Inject Some Magic Onto Your Plate

Plant Powered Magic

Eating healthily doesn’t have to be stressful, inconvenient or time consuming!

Are you here because you want to make your healthy eating plan much easier & flavoursome?

I hear so many people say to me that they don’t know how to cook vegan food, they don’t have time to make healthy food or what did I do when I first stopped eating meat?

 Now you have a digital cookbook that makes plant-based cooking less overwhelming, SIMPLE but TASTY!

It turns out that your inner CREATIVE comes out to play when you are PATIENT with your cooking. Remember – it doesn’t have to be perfect first time, just let yourself HAVE FUN creating magic with plant-based healthy ingredients!



Bored of buying the same ingredients and eating the same meals?

Making the same few dishes on rotation? 

Then you’re in the right place with this 31 Plant Based Recipe Digital Cookbook!

These are recipes that I cook with love on yoga retreats and private dining events here in Ibiza. The feedback I’ve had has been amazing, and I’ve been asked for a cookbook so everyone can re-create the recipes, and so here it is!

Get Inspired.

Love trying new flavours? But don’t have the creativity?

You’re not alone there! Most people say they don’t have the time or creativity to create healthy dishes.

So luckily, I’ve done that for you!

31 Plant Based Recipes has made it easy for you….

You no longer need to waste time, money on energy on things that taste like chalk and cheese!

raw vegan cheesecake recipe

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What's Included?

  • 31 Plant-Based Recipes
  • All recipes are GLUTEN FREE
  • 5 BONUS Juice recipes
  • Photos for every recipe
  • Dishes packed FULL OF FLAVOUR
  • Cooking Mindset Basics
  • 10 Simple Health Tips
  • Plant-Based Pantry Guide
  • Shopping List Ideas
  • Magical Tips To Make Cooking Fun!

Abi The Alchemist

Abi Fox aka ‘The Food Alchemist Ibiza’ brings you the magic of plant based cooking. We are about flavour and fulfilment, creating happy tummies & inspired minds!

With us, you not only eat well, but enter a space to connect with other foodies & take inspiration home that empowers you towards living a happy, healthy & high vibe life. Not to mention really giving yourself some LOVE.

We were born from pure passion for cooking & living a conscious, healthy lifestyle. We love nourishing people with healthy, plant based food. It gives us so much fulfilment!

Built solely on recommendations, Abi became fully booked cooking on yoga courses, retreats, private events & boat trips. It aligns with Abi’s other passion of transformational self development work in creating a more loving and conscious world, and a huge part of that is being conscious of the food we eat.

Plant Powered Magic