Plant Based Cooking Classes

Food Orgasms Here You Come!

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Cooking Has Never Been Easier!

I am grateful how my cooking has evolved into teaching, and it wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for the events of 2020, with Ibiza’s tourism pretty much stopping. No retreats, very little cooking work, meant time to realign.

I was guided towards teaching group cooking classes on zoom.

Many of my students tell me they struggle with inspiration, always making the same meals, never trying much new in case it goes wrong and they don’t enjoy their dinner. Plus many people who live alone don’t enjoy cooking just for themselves.

Cooking with me and the community of foodies, means cooking becomes an enjoyable experience, one of coming together, fun, inspiration and a really great meal at the end of it!


We cook together on zoom

I send you the ingredients list the day before the class

You follow on & cook with me & the other foodies

Learn New Recipes, Cooking Tips & Inspiration

You Don't have to cook alone!

Tell Me More...

Cooking on retreats I hear the same things over again…

I don’t have any ideas,

I‘m not a good cook,

I need more variety in my food,

I don’t like cooking just for me. 

The only reason these beliefs are there is because you’re lacking CONFIDENCE to be a bit more CREATIVE. The joy me and my students get from these classes is huge. Food can be a PLEASURABLE experience, not just to eat, but to cook as well. 

My intention is to continue to support you with my food even at a distance and give you confidence to be a bit more adventurous in the kitchen, teach you to inject more love, excitement and vegetables into your cooking. 

Cooking is an act of love, do it for yourself, you deserve it. 


I Am Ready To Move Out Of My Comfort Zone In The Kitchen

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