Raw Chocolate Protein Brownies (Delicious & Healthy!!!)

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These are just my favourite to make. Not only is it healthy, it’s tasty, quick and packed full of flavour! Sometimes we just need something sweet, but sweet doesn’t necessarily mean unhealthy. These are easy to make, packed full of flavour and satisfies that sugar craving.

Raw Cacao Powder is something I wish I had discovered earlier in life. It is the seed of a fruit og an Amazonian tree, and is regarded as being the highest antioxidant food on the planet. Not only that, but cacao is the number one source of magnesium, iron and chromium. Raw chocolate reputedly balances brain chemistry, elevates your mood and energy, a natural aphrodisiac and builds strong bones.


4 tbsp raw cacao powder
1 scoop Arbonne chocolate protein powder
1 cup of walnuts, blended
1 cup of dates, soaked in water. I use Medjool Dates.
1 tbsp agave honey
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
1 tsp almond butter
Omega sprinkles to finish


  1. Blend nuts until crumbly
  2. Add dates and blend together
  3. Add all other ingredients and blend for another minute
  4. Place in a square dish, press down and place in the fridge for a few hours
  5. Serve on its own or with some dairy-free ice cream

Muchos love and chocolate

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