Dear Stress…Let’s Break Up!

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dear stress, lets break up

Why do so many of us get stressed?

Sadly, it is a normal psychological and physical reaction to the ever-increasing demands of life.

When your brain perceives a threat, your body responds with a “fight-or-flight” response (This goes back to prehistoric times when we were in danger and had to run from a sabre tooth tiger)

Once the threat is gone, your body is meant to return to a normal relaxed state and our hormones would return to normal. Unfortunately, the nonstop stress of modern life means that we are constantly in a fight or flight mode, so addressing the stress is of paramount importance, as the long term effects of stress on the body should not be underestimated. I firmly believe this is a major contributor to disease.

12 tips to stress less & relax more:


1. Avoid caffeine, alcohol and refined sugar products.

They are stimulants and so raise your heart rate and cannot calm you down. Keep hydrated with lots of water, or herbal tea.

2. Add vitamins and minerals to your diet.

Especially Magnesium –the anti-stress mineral. This can be found in greens (especially spinach) nuts, seeds, beans and brown rice.

3. Exercise

This is a non-negotiable! Exercise reduces adrenalin and produces ‘happy’ hormones. Plus we look and feel better too. So whether it’s yoga, running or dancing, do something to get that body moving!

4. Meditate and deep breathe

Took me a while to get on board with this, but it works!! Try it for yourself, it will help you with your impulses and reactions to stressful events. The benefits of meditating are endless and include better memory, more creativity, and less anxiety.

5. Get enough sleep

Sleep is just essential for us to perform properly. If you feel you need a lot of sleep, it is likely you are stressed, so look out for the signs and raise your awareness.

6. Have a massage

Massage reduces the stress hormone cortisol, as well as stimulating our lymphatic system which says goodbye to those nasty toxins in our system… as well as keep us looking radiant! If we look good, that’s one less thing to stress about!

7. Enjoy a bath with candles, face mask and/or essential oils

What better reason than to just switch off from the world and be at peace with yourself. Add epsom salts or Arbonne purifying sea soak to emerge with pampered skin, a renewed spirit and a purified body. Essential oils have the ability to deliver beneficial healing properties from certain plants in a concentrated form.

8. Accept what you cannot change

Resisting the situation that ‘is’ just creates emotional negativity and opposes the flow of life. Stress becomes pronounced when things go wrong, as they often do, so accept every situation for what it is.

9. Change what you cannot accept

Once you have accepted all situations you can then recognize which ones you want to change positively. This way, there is no judgment or anxiety about current situations, only solutions!

10. Say ‘No’

Taking on too many projects or social events leaves you overcommitted, feeling like you have so much to do in little time. So reduce your workload, maintain a work-life balance and maximize on your fun/relax time!

11. Technology free day once a week

These days, we let technology drive the way we learn, the way we communicate, even the way we read. Be un-contactable! How great do we feel on holiday when we restrict our phone use, albeit because of the expense, but still!

What happened to going to see your friend for a good old cuppa and a natter? Switch off from the world and spend time relaxing with your nearest and dearest without TV, without worrying about checking your email or to check your newsfeed to see what the person you went to school with and haven’t seen in ten years ate for breakfast!

You’ll feel rejuvenated with a clear head, ready for the world again the next day.

12. Listen to your body.

Be aware of when you become stressed. Not eating when you’re hungry is putting your body under strain and it won’t like it!

Awareness is the first step to change and starts you on the right path to a stress free life!


With love and Lavender Oil


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