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Feeling unwell most of the time as a Health Food Chef has been incredibly frustrating. I’ve felt like a fraud. An imposter. I’ve spent many years talking, teaching, preaching about health, healing food and a plant based lifestyle. Or more accurately a flexitarian one. I don’t believe in labels. For years before that I was[…]

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Hello lovely viewers! So the next Q&A video is here. “It’s an every day virtue to live life without regrets.” What do you live for each day? Do you go to bed wishing you had lived a different day? Longed after somebody else’s life? Sometime you hold ourselves back through fear of what could go[…]

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Hi everyone, Did someone say jet lag? I need revitalising! It took an hour to get back from the airport due to heavy traffic, not ideal after a 20 hour journey. Despite getting up regularly to walk around and stretch on the plane, my legs were aching and felt very stiff. I felt tired, dirty[…]

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