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Hello lovely readers This is one of my all time favourite smoothie recipes!!! It is so creamy & really fills you up. Starting the day with your healthy dose of fat from the avocado is far better energy than eating refined carbs such as breads & cereals. Consistently eating protein with fat in the morning[…]

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Banana berry smoothie, berry smoothie, vegan, gluten free, arbonne

Go Bananas about Berries! This is my boyfriend’s favourite banana smoothie. That’s his core ingredient because banana fills you up and creates a lovely creamy texture. The Berries colour it perfectly, with anti-oxidant properties while adding a crunch from the seeds. Plus you get all your daily vitamins and minerals from your scoops of Arbonne[…]

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Break The Fast! Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. We are hear this all of our lives, but I don’t think we quite realise how truly important it really is! This simple healthy recipe for your morning smoothie will take minutes to make and you’ll devour it in minutes. I sometimes finish[…]

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