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immune boosting tips covid19

  Immunity is the buzz word of the moment. Well that’s one good thing to come out of this so far. A focus on people’s health and immune systems. We can’t continue living in fast paced lives, without affecting our stress levels and s a result our immunity. I’ve been working hard on my health[…]

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The biggest mastery we can ever achieve is that of our mind. The mind is incredibly powerful and its abilities are continually being researched to see how we can maximise on its potential. Once we master our mind, we can master anything. If you have think that you aren’t good enough, then that’s how you will[…]

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trauma to triumph

Feeling troubled and struggling to reach the ‘flow’ state, I felt I needed something else and it arrived in a rather unpleasant package, but it arrived nonetheless. All of the struggle I had in creating content, getting my message out there and how to feel like I was really making a difference was no longer[…]

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