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  Living a high vibrational life is at the core of wellbeing and joy. I believe that everything we see in this world is energy. From the table you eat at to the bed you sleep in. They’re the heaviest most densest energy, the most condensed form of matter. I also believe that you become[…]

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immune boosting tips covid19

  Immunity is the buzz word of the moment. Well that’s one good thing to come out of this so far. A focus on people’s health and immune systems. We can’t continue living in fast paced lives, without affecting our stress levels and s a result our immunity. I’ve been working hard on my health[…]

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quinoa, vegan, gluten free, avocado, salad, revitalise, abi fox

Hello lovely readers, For me, quinoa is an incredible source of protein, tasty, versatile and cheap too. It’s a great choice if you don’t eat much meat too, but ensure you soak it in some warm water before use! Many grains can be covered in phytic acid which prohibits the absorption of minerals and inhibits enzymes that[…]

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