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flapjack, raw, quinoa, cranberry, gluten free, dairy free, healthy flapjack, revitalise your life

Hello lovelies, So this recipe is inspired by Mogli’s love for flapjacks when we first got together. He was always buying the flapjacks that were out by the checkouts in supermarkets that are of course full of refined sugar, gluten & nasty artificial flavourings. Due to their addictive nature, packed full of nasties that force[…]

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zing & zest Juice, beetroot juice, beetroot, grapefuit, lime, health, nutrition, beetroot juice recipes

Hello lovely readers, Try this detoxing juice of sharp citrus fruits and beautifully sweet beetroot in the morning to give you some zest and zing! The limes add an alkalising effect, creating a healthier blood and helping to eliminate waste. There are so many benefits of beetroot that mean we should add more of it[…]

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Bee Pollen Smoothie, Protein, Gluten Free,

Hey lovely readers, Boost your energy with Bee Pollen! So I first learned about Bee Pollen at a Health, Nutrition & Wellness course a couple of years ago. It’s a fabulous superfood for your smoothie, as well as to sprinkle on salads, desserts or just have with an avocado as a little snack. It is[…]

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