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gluten free pizza, gram flour, gluten free, healthy pizza, revitalise

Hello lovely readers, So I have been craving pizza for weeks now! My body literally hates gluten, it attacks itself as soon as gluten, in particular wheat, enter my body. It’s as though my body is trying to tell my mind to understand its needs by creating bloating, stomach cramps and hangover type headaches the[…]

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confidence, new people, anxiety, values, self-expression, purpose, self-discovery, revitalise, coaching

Hello lovely viewers 🙂 Second installment of Q&A Tuesday. Today is about how you can relax and be yourself around new people. It’s a skill. If it’s not something you’re good at, then think of it like learning to drive a car. You don’t have to be good to start with, it’s time, practise and[…]

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boredom, passion, purpose, q&a, revitalise, coaching

Hello lovely readers, Now it’s time I share with you my videos. I have been receiving some amazing feedback from posting videos on my Facebook Page and so I have created a video series where I will be answering your questions on Q & A Tuesday. If you have any question relating to your life then[…]

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