Taking Inspired Action To Create Your Own Happiness

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When I was in Goa earlier this year, I had an idea.
I saw a new vision for my life and how I wished to contribute in a more meaningful way.

My old branding didn’t align with me anymore since the journey I’d been on since its conception nearly 2 years ago. I wanted to create a new brand that was IN ALIGNMENT with myself, my beliefs, my passion and one that had a powerful message.
We evolve. We grow. But we must accept that with that change, what we currently do may no longer align with us internally.

When that happens we must evolve our brands, our business or our job in the same way or we will forever live out of alignment and success in any area of life will be a struggle.

Would you stay with someone you had no love or passion with anymore?

It’s the same! Staying with someone who yo’ve been with for years because you’ve been together so long you can’t bear to leave them, but deep down inside you feel no fulfilment and excitement is settling for less than you deserve.

Why would you allow your life to become average?
Why would you settle?
Why would you allow your career to become stagnant and lifeless?

Everything we do must be FELT with every inch of our body.
We must CONNECT with what we do, the message we have and the people we wish to serve. When we align ourselves with our greatest intentions & highest good, that brings a beautiful effortless flow to life.

We become deeply COMMITTED.
We become CONFIDENT.
We gain CLARITY.
We choose to be CONSCIOUS.

And so I created a new brand to reflect the journey I have been on over the last few years. And since that day on a beach in Goa, my clarity of vision for myself and my contribution to the world has become so crystal clear.

It is as though the sun’s rays have narrowed onto a single focus and that is the light I see everyday.

I decided to create a 90 day mentoring programme based around my new brand. The logo is actually something I drew at the end of an incredibly mind-altering psychedelic experience and have since had it digitalised:

psychadelic drawing  Love Your Power Within LIlac


Sometimes we just need to LET GO more than we ever thought we needed to to allow ourselves to connect the dots that are already within us.

NOW I am maxed out on my coaching time, offering this thing that I created from nothing, a piece of my heart, to people wanting to solve their own life puzzle.

That one brainstorming session, that one idea that day has become a brand, a programme, a workshop series and eventually a transformation coaching retreat! It started with INTENTION

…NEVER dismiss your ideas
…Never settle with what you have for fear of changing it
… Never fear the unknown or worry about how
…Never doubt yourself and what you already know
…Never give up on your passions
…Never think it’s already been done before
…Never stop designing your own destiny
…Never stop creating your own happiness
…Never ever hide who you are.
…Never quieten your voice.

NOW is the time to act! Overwhelm your problems with multiple solutions, with multiple ideas and you will overwhelm the overwhelm!

Flood yourself with ferocious positivity, fun & creative action instead of drowning in pools of pessimism.
NOW IS THE TIME to take inspired action & create your own piece of happiness!

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