The Asian Adventure Begins

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Hey everyone,

So we have left for our adventure!! I’ve been waiting for this trip for months. I’ve never been travelling before, I’m excited, but calm at the same time. I’m excited in the way that it feels exactly the perfect thing, with the perfect guy, at the perfect time. If perfect existed, then this would be pretty close.

Insanely happy, just the two of us, just wondering around Mumbai airport. (We flew from Heathrow to Mumbai where we change for Bangkok.) I feel incredibly grateful just to be in India for the first times albeit in the airport. India’s a place I’ve always wanted to visit, and I will someday. As we stepped off the aeroplane, I even said that I wished we were stopping here instead of flying on to Bangkok, but I didn’t really mean it. Firstly, that’s not the attitude to have as it’s not being grateful for what I’m about to experience, but secondly, this is where I’m meant to be for this amount of time as that time will come.

In a weird way, I feel like I’ve come home. Although I’ve never visited India, it’s part of who I am, my roots, and I feel it. Words cannot really describe how, or what that feeling is. Perhaps it is my heart beaming from the land where my mum grew up with my grandparents for many years. I will return one day, but this adventure is all about Thailand and Cambodia, and the beautiful bearded man sitting with me, forever smiling and holding my hand. Perfect.

Here’s to this trip and whatever experiences, people and culture it shall bring.


Muchos love

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