The Sick, Unwell Health Food Chef

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Feeling unwell most of the time as a Health Food Chef has been incredibly frustrating.
I’ve felt like a fraud.
An imposter.
I’ve spent many years talking, teaching, preaching about health, healing food and a plant based lifestyle. Or more accurately a flexitarian one. I don’t believe in labels.
For years before that I was searching for my passion, for that thing that lit me up and when I began learning about nutrition, that spark inside was finally lit. It felt like a magnet propelling me forward, I had no choice but to go with this, my whole being was a full yes to this new path.

The Shame

Yet 8 years on, I find myself feeling more sick and plagued with illness than ever. I thought healthy eating was supposed to heal, not make me worse.
“What have you got to be stressed about?” Someone close to me one asked.
“Why have you always got digestive problems when you eat the way you do?”
Pangs of shame rose in my belly as I felt a pressure, an expectation to have the perfect health just because I ate so well and did this for a living. Being a health food wasn’t I supposed to have this all figured out?
I was SUPPOSED to be healthy.
I was SUPPOSED to be the example.
If i can’t feel healthy doing all this good stuff, then what’s the point?
I haven’t shared my health struggles online. I’ve felt huge shame around it and so I feared shame and judgement from others.

The Reality

I also didn’t want to acknowledge the reality of where I was.
I had accepted my health as normal, but the more issues I kept facing. The chronic pain, countless sleepless nights, chronic fatigue, no energy or motivation, digestive hell and neck and shoulder pain so bad I couldn’t move for days.
I knew this wasn’t normal.
I adopted the belief, “there’s always something wrong with me”
When you have something for so long, it becomes your normal, and you forget what is actually possible for you.
My health struggles have been
I do EVERYTHING possible to get well, yet so much hasn’t healed. Its felt incredibly frustrating and hopeless at times….
If you struggle with feeling alive and vibrant, feeling as if there’s always something not quite right, then you’re not alone.
I’ll be sharing much more about the details of my health struggles, my recent diagnosis and what I’m now doing to finally heal.
Let’s get one thing clear, food is a HUGE factor in our health. It can heal us, it can reverse illness, it can help us live a high vibrational, fulfilled and long life.
Big love and truth
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