Zest & Zing Juice

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Hello lovely readers,

Try this detoxing juice of sharp citrus fruits and beautifully sweet beetroot in the morning to give you some zest and zing! The limes add an alkalising effect, creating a healthier blood and helping to eliminate waste.

There are so many benefits of beetroot that mean we should add more of it into our diet. Although it is a veggie high in natural sugar, beetroot is bursting with phytonutrients to purify your blood and aid detoxification. It can lower your blood pressure, boost stamina and fight inflammation. Inflammation in our bodies is what creates the environment for chronic disease, something that happens without us realising everyday due to the Western diet, so adding nutrients to your diet to help with this is very important. Anything alkalising will leave you feeling more focused, relaxed and energised. Happy days!


3 beetroot, chopped.
1 grapefruit, peeled.
2 limes, peeled.


Press alternate chunks through a juicer. Stir, drink immediately & enjoy!


Much love

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