Hi love. Welcome! 

I believe your intuition brought you here. Perhaps you felt called to know more about me and what I offer? Perhaps you’re curious to see how I could support you? 

My mission is to support you to open your heart, live from your body and cultivate deep trust & self love so that you can enjoy the freedom of having all of your desires through various embodiment practices.

Ultimately this means practices that help you get out of your mind and into your body so you can let go of what is no longer in alignment and create space physically, energetically and emotionally for all that you desire to come in.

I am a coach to men and women who desire to authentically express themselves, receive more pleasure and

cultivate deeply connected intimacy & relationships.


From overcoming a deep heartbreak, lack of intimacy and having outsourced all my happiness, love & pleasure, I then found in myself something that had evaded me my whole life.

Having had eating disorder, depression and years of loneliness, I never felt enough. I always controlled, tried to prove myself & fit in, obsessed over healthy food and did all the mindset work I could.

I studied personal development for years with focus on mindset, nutrition & NLP. I spent years figuring out ‘who I am’, yet still wondered why I felt so blocked and not receiving the love and intimacy I deeply longed for. Moving to Ibiza immersed me in spiritual growth where my connection to the Universe, my highest self and my healing path really dropped in. I was surrounded by incredible people all committed to spiritual growth who without a doubt have supported me to be where I am today. 


My decade of experience in food, nutrition & holistic health have served me well in helping me heal and opened me up to sensual and creative expression, yet only when I looked at my shadows & blocks in SEXUALITY did my disordered eating and relationship to myself really heal.

 I healed my heart when I followed my needs and desires unapologetically.
I became free when I allowed myself to express fully, be seen in all my quirks, craziness and uniqueness.
 I felt light when i let go of people no longer in alignment
 I cultivated peace when i slowed down & became intimate with myself.


My work for a long time has been cooking on retreats in Ibiza, a huge passion. I will always cook as as the Orgasmic Chef, but ultimately the bigger mission is to support you into deeper love and connection with yourself and your relationships.

This is why my work is blending together Food, Love & Pleasure.

They are linked.

And your sexuality is the key piece to the puzzle.

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Ways in Which To Work With Me

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